E.R. Frank Award


To honor those veterinarians who have contributed positively and significantly to Veterinary Medicine through their long term service to the Kansas State University, College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. E.R. Frank bio

Dr. E.R. FrankDr. Edward R. Frank earned his BSA in 1918, DVM 1925 and MS in 1929, all from Kansas State College. In 1918 and 1919, he served as a private in the US Army’s 10th Division at Camp Funston, Fort Riley. He described to his son Gael Frank, a physician who passed away in 2012, how the troops would go through the barracks each morning to remove the bodies of soldiers who had died during the night from the Spanish influenza pandemic, and then stack them outside “like cordwood.”

When Dr. Frank received his DVM in 1924, he received the Gingery Prize for “Unusual Proficiency in Surgery” and the Kinsley Prize in Pathology. From 1925 to 1926, he was an assistant professor at the University of Illinois. He joined the K-State faculty in 1926 as an instructor in surgery and medicine. In 1929, he became an assistant professor and a full professor in 1935.

Veterinary Surgery by Dr. E.R. FrankIn 1963, Dr. Frank received the Kansas State University Distinguished Service Award in Veterinary Medicine. He was a world-renowned veterinary surgeon and the author of a book on veterinary surgery widely used as a teaching text in veterinary schools. He was a charter member of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS).

In 1978, the large animal surgical suite in the Veterinary Health Center (Mosier Hall) was named in his honor.

Dr. Frank had a strong interest in athletics, particularly baseball where he earned the nickname, “Beanie.” He and his wife, Jean, had two other children, Robert Frank and Murial (Frank) Bowman.

Criteria for Nomination

Nomination may be made by any alumnus of the Kansas State University, College of Veterinary Medicine. Nominees should be individuals who have enjoyed a long-standing (15 years) relationship with the college. This relationship may include service, either current or prior, as a member of the faculty. Individuals need not be an alumnus of Kansas State University to be nominated and considered for this award. Nominees should have a noteworthy record of significant service and contribution to both the profession and Kansas State University, and be recognized for achieving their success in an unassuming and unpretentious manner that emulates the professional essence of Dr. E.R. Frank. Seated administrators would not be considered as nominees during their term of administrative appointment. There is no limit to the number of times an individual may be nominated. Any individual may receive this award only once in their lifetime.


The awardee will be selected by the Executive Board of the Veterinary Medical Alumni Association (VMAA), or at the pleasure of the VMAA President, selection may be accomplished by an awards committee established by the Dean of Veterinary Medicine which includes the VMAA President or his/her designated representative.


The honoree will receive their award at the Alumni Brunch during the Annual Conference for Veterinarians and be presented by the College of Veterinary Medicine and its Veterinary Medical Alumni Association the first weekend of June.

E. R. Frank Award

Dr. Rose McMurphy
KSU CVM faculty, 35 years of service.


Dr. T.G. Nagaraja
KSU CVM faculty with 25 years of service to the college and 43 years of service to Kansas State University

Dr. Robert Larson
DVM, Kansas State University, 1987, and 17 years of service to the college


Dr. Susan Nelson
DVM, Kansas State University, 1989, and 20 years service to the college

Dr. Mike Apley
DVM, Kansas State University, 1987, and 18 years service to the college


Dr. Patricia Payne
DVM, Kansas State University, 1971, and 16 years service to the college

2019 Dr. M.M.Chengappa
KSU CVM faculty, former DMP department head and 32 years of service to the college
2018 Dr. Harish Minocha
KSU CVM faculty, 33 years of service to the college
2017 Dr. Kenneth Harkin
KSU CVM faculty, 20 years of service to the college
2016 Dr. James W. Carpenter
KSU CVM Faculty, 27 years of service to the college
2015 Dr. Michael W. Dryden
DVM, Kansas State University, 1984
2014 Dr. Derek A. Mosier
DVM, Kansas State University, 1978
2013 Dr. Polly R. Schoning
DVM, Kansas State University, 1964
2012 Dr. Deryl Troyer
DVM, Kansas State University, 1972
2011 Dr. Frederick Oehme
1969, KSU CVM Faculty, 46 years of service to the college
2010 Dr. Walter Cash
1971, KSU CVM Faculty, 36 years of service to the college
2009 Dr. David Hodgson
1968, KSU CVM Faculty
2008 Dr. George A. Kennedy
KSU CVM Faculty, 33 years of service to the college
2007 Dr. Robert M. Phillips
2006 Dr. Howard Erickson
2005 Dr. James R. Coffman
Served as dean of the K-State College of Veterinary Medicine from 1984 to 1987
2004 Dr. Robert Taussig
KSU CVM Faculty, 18 years of service to the college
2003 Dr. Dan W. Upson
1952, 1962, 1969
2002 Dr. Russell A. Frey
1952, 1970
2001 Dr. Jerome G. Vestwebber
KSU CVM Faculty, 32 years of service to the college
2000 Dr. Hugh C. Butler
KSU CVM Faculty, 20 years of service to the college
1999 Dr. Loyce Derald Jernigan
1998 Dr. Melvin J. Swenson
1997 Dr. David A. Schoneweis
1996 Dr. Frank W. Jordan
1995 Dr. John L. Noordsy
1946, 1962
1994 Dr. Lee T. Railsback
1936, 1937
1993 Dr. James D. Smith
1991 Dr. William J. Winchester
1987 Dr. Earl Ray Walker
1986 Dr. L. Derald Jernigan

Dr. Roy J. Milleret
1944, 1959

Dr. Andrew P. Gray
1953, 1963