Dr. William Winchester

1991 E.R. Frank Award

California Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) Distinguished Life Member Dr. William Winchester (KSU DVM 1946), was recently awarded the prestigious E.R. Frank-Kansas State University Alumni Award for Meritorious Service.

In response to the honor Dr. Winchester enthusiastically explained, "He [E.R. Frank] was my professor when I was going to veterinary school, he was my mentor. For many years anyone who went to Kansas State University was taught surgery by Dr. Frank. He was very special to me. This award heads up my list of accomplishments in my life time."

Dr. Winchester is indeed an accomplished veterinarian, having won the American Veterinary Medical Association Continuing Veterinary Educator of the Year Award; Honorary Membership in the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists; the California Academy of Veterinary Medicine Continuing Veterinary Education Award; and many others.

University of California-Davis Professor William Pritchard, DVM, described Dr. Winchester as a pioneer in the development of laboratory animal medicine as a legitimate veterinary specialty, and one who has been an influential contributor to national policy on laboratory animal care. His most important contributions to veterinary medicine and to society according to Pritchard have resulted from his work, largely during the last 20 years, in providing effective models for continuing education for veterinarians and the administration of these programs.

Dr. Winchester other involvements and achievements include: Captain US Army Vet Corps, Officer in Charge, Auburn General Depot, Auburn, Wash., 1951-54; Director-Owner, Small Animal Hospital, San Gabriel, Calif., 1964-66; Division of Comparative Veterinary Medicine, Department of Health Service, Los Angeles County Vet Office, 1966-71; Vet Consultant/College Of Meicine., US Irvine/Vivarium, University of California-Riverside, 1966-71; Chief, Surgery and Clinics, Division of Laboratories, Animal Medicine, University of California-LA (UCLA), 1971-72; Coordinator, Animal Care Facilities and Resources, College of Medicine, University of California-Irvine (UCI) (joint appt. with UCLA), 1971-72; Special Assistant to the Dean, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California—Davis(UCD); Coordinator, Continuing Medical Education, College of Medicine UCI, 1971-73; Consulting lab Animal Medicine to several corporations, 1972-Present; Consult lab Animal Medicine to UCI School of Biological Science; Veterans Administration Hospital, Long Beach, US Department of Agriculture(USDA), Department of Veterinary Services, 1972-Present; Director Animal Resource Facility, College of Medicine, UCI, 1972-86; Assistant Dean, College of Medicine, UCI (directing or representing UCI in all activities concerned with veterinary medicine), 1977-86; Assistant Dean, School of Veterinary Medicine, UCD (Office of Public Programs), 1974-Present; Campus Veterinarian, Office of Vice Chancellor, Research UCI, 1986-89. Until 1989 Winchester directed one of the most extensive and progressive continuing education programs in the nation at UCI.

Dr. Winchester was also actively involved in the community as well. He was a member of the AAHA, AVMA, AAVMC, CVMA, Orange County VMA, So. VMA, San Gabriel Valley VMA; Past President, San Gabriel Valley VMA; American Association for Accreditation of Lab Animals; Care-past member, site visit teams; American Association for Lab Animal Science/Institutional member of National and Southern California Chapter/National Program Chairman, 1977; Chairman Editorial Review Commission, 1982-83; National Awards and Education Funding Committee, 1981-83; Program Commission, 1971; Board of Directors, 1987; American Society of Lab Animal Practice Constitution Review Commission, 1971, Long Range Planning Commission Chairman, 1980 and 1981. American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists/Advisory Committee, 1981/International Medical Teaching Team to People's Republic of China, 1980-81-82-85-87/Honorary member, 1984; AVMA/Cont. Vet Educator of Year Award, 1984; AAVMC/Council of Educators; California Academy of Veterinary Medicine, Board of Directors, President Elect, 1983 and 8\1983, President, 1984 and 1985/Cont. Vet. Ed. Award, 1987; California Biomedical Research Association; CVMA, Chairman Continuing Education Committee, 1974-75; Animal Welfare Committee; Long Range Planning Comm., Editorial Advisory Board; National Association for Biomedical Research; State Board of Vet. Med. Examiners Member, Exam. Review Comm.; CVMA awarded Distinguished Life Membership, 1989; San Gabriel Rotary Club, Past President; Newport-Balboa Rotary Club; Citizens Advisory Committee, Orange Coast Coll.; Numerous presentations and publications.