The VMAA presents Alumni Recognition Awards at five professional conferences each year, plus special recognition awards at other conferences/events. In addition to these, there are three awards given at the Annual Conference for Veterinarians in June during the Alumni Brunch:

Nominations are solicited and compiled for selection by the VMAA Executive Board.

Please send us your award nominations

Who do you think is deserving of an alumni association award? We want your input. Nominate an alumnus or alumna you hold in high esteem.

2021-2022 Alumni Award Honorees

Dr. Vern Otte

Dr. Vern Otte, DVM 1975
2021 Distinguished Alumnus Award

Dr. Patricia Payne

Dr. Patricia Payne, DVM 1971
2021 E.R. Frank Award

Dr. J. Trent Fox

Dr. J. Trent Fox, DVM 2010
2021 Outstanding Young Alumnus Award

Dr. J. David Wheat and granddaughter

Dr. J. David Wheat, DVM 1980
2021 WVC Alumni Recognition Award

Dr. James Kenyon

Dr. James Kenyon, DVM 1975
2021 Fetch dvm360 Alumni Recognition Award

Dr. Molly McCue

Dr. Molly McCue, DVM 2000
2021 AVMA Alumni Recognition Award