Distinguished Alumnus Award


The Distinguished Alumnus Award provides an avenue for recognizing one or more alumni of the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine for their outstanding achievements.


  • Only living alumni of the College of Veterinary Medicine shall be eligible. This includes not only those who obtained their professional degrees but also those who received advanced degrees at Kansas State;

  • An alumnus who holds any one of the following State offices is not eligible for the award as long as he/she holds office:

    Governor, Member of Senate, Lieutenant Governor, Member of House of Representatives, Attorney General, Member State Board of Regents, Printer, Member State Board of Education, Insurance Commissioner, State Dept. of Admin., Auditor, Director, Department of Budget, Treasurer, Governor's Staff, Secretary of Agriculture;

  • Members of the Selection Committee are not eligible to receive the award during their period of service on the committee;

  • Except in cases of rare and unusual circumstances, a period of at least fifteen (15) years should elapse after receipt of degree before an individual is eligible for the award.

Factors to be considered by Selection Committee

  • Outstanding career in veterinary medicine;

  • Significant contributions benefiting his/her community, state, and/or nation;

  • Humanitarian services and contributions to the veterinary profession and society rather than material success alone;

  • Direct service to the College and/or University should receive consideration, but such contributions shall not be mandatory nor conclusive in making the selection;

  • Political success alone shall not be considered as an adequate measure of service;

  • Selection shall be based upon the life career of a nominee rather than upon a single activity or incident.


Awardee to be selected by the Executive Board of the VMAA for Veterinary Medicine.

Presentation of Award

The award is presented at the Alumni Brunch during the Annual Conference for Veterinarians by the College of Veterinary Medicine and its Veterinary Medical Alumni Association the first weekend of June.

Distinguished Alumnus Award

Dr. Gordon L. Coppoc, 1963


Dr. William C. Bergin, 1967

Dr. Janver Krehbiel, 1962

2021 Dr. Vern Otte, 1975
2019 Dr. Jim Dale, 1967

Dr. Martha O'Rourke, 1966

Dr. Michael Moore, 1968


Dr. Marty Vanier, 1981

Dr. Nels N. Lindberg, 2001

2016 Dr. David R. Franz, 1970
2015 Dr. Thomas G. Ksiazek, 1970
2014 Dr. David E. Granstrom, 1978
2013 Dr. Ronald J. Marler, 1973
2012 Dr. Michael Cavanaugh, 1983
2011 Dr. James R. Coffman, 1962
2010 Dr. John L. Noordsy, 1946
2009 Dr. Guy H. Palmer, 1980
2008 Dr. Jack Judy, 1958
2007 Dr. Cecil Ingmire, 1943
2006 Dr. Robert Smith, 1968, 1970, 1976
2005 Dr. Vaughn A. Seaton, 1954
2004 Dr. Bennie I. Osburn, 1961
2003 Dr. Delwin L. Bokelman, 1958
2002 Dr. Steven C. Henry, 1970, 1972
2001 Dr. Duane R. Peterson, 1945, 1959
2000 Dr. Peter C. Kennedy, 1949
1999 Dr. William L. Mengeling, 1960
1998 Dr. Fayne H. Oberst, 1943 July
1997 Dr. Wayne O. Kester, 1931
1996 Dr. Howard H. Furumoto, 1950, 1966

Dr. Marshall P. Reeve, 1943 July

Dr. Marvin L. Olmstead, 1970, 1972, 1975


Dr. Donald G. Low, 1947

Dr. Samuel E. Strahm, 1959

1993 Dr. Jacob E. Mosier, 1945, 1948