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College of Veterinary Medicine

Anatomy and Physiology

Faculty (Graduate faculty members noted with *)

Lynn AbelLynn Abel
Clinical Assistant Professor

302B Trotter Hall

785-532-4512 rabel@vet.k-state.edu
Matt BaselMatt Basel
Clinical Assistant Professor

126 Coles Hall

Frank Blecha*Frank Blecha
Associate Dean for Research, Distinguished Professor 

101 Trotter Hall

785-532-4537 blecha@vet.k-state.edu

Seong *Seong O Choi
Assistant Professor

 P-214 Mosier Hall  785-532-6312


Hans Coetzee*Hans Coetzee
Head and Professor 

227 Coles Hall


Seong *Jeffrey Robert Comer
Assistant Professor

P-213 Mosier Hall785-532-6311 jeffcomer@vet.k-state.edu

Delong*Robert DeLong
Associate Professor

P-215 Mosier Hall785-532-6313robertdelong@vet.k-state.edu

Howard EricksonSteve Ensley
Clinical Veterinary Toxicologist

P217 Mosier Hall785-532-4287 sensley01@vet.k-state.edu

Howard Erickson*Howard Erickson

110 Coles Hall785-532-4541 erickson@vet.k-state.edu
Peying Fong*Peying Fong
Associate Professor 
129 Coles Hall785-532-4524 pfong@vet.k-state.edu
Judy Klimek*Judy Klimek
Associate Professor 
206 Coles Hall785-532-4740 jklimek@vet.k-state.edu
Butch KuKanich*Butch KuKanich
Professor and Assistant Department Head 

P-212 Mosier Hall

785-532-4554 kukanich@ksu.edu
Meena Kumari*Meena Kumari
Associate Professor 

231 Coles Hall

785-532-3115 mkumari@vet.k-state.edu

Zhoumeng Lin*Zhoumeng Lin
Assistant Professor

P201 Mosier Hall785-532-4087zhoumeng@vet.k-state.edu

Dr. Geraldine MagninGeraldine Magnin-Bissel
Research Assistant Professor

P202 Mosier Hall785-532-4972gmagnin@vet.k-state.edu
Pradeep MalreddyPradeep Malreddy
Clinical Assistant Professor
302C Trotter Hall785-532-4530pmalredd@vet.k-state.edu
Tim Munsch*Tim Musch
University Distinguished Professor 
128 Coles Hall785-532-4523 musch@vet.k-state.edu
David Poole*David Poole
University Distinguished Professor 
131 Coles Hall785-532-4529 poole@vet.k-state.edu
Bruce Schultz*Bruce Schultz
127 Coles Hall785-532-4839 bschultz@vet.k-state.edu

Jishu Shi

*Jishu Shi

232 Coles Hall785-532-4506 jshi@vet.k-state.edu

pritamPritam Sidhu
Research Assistant Professor

P222A Mosier Hall785-532-4066pritams@vet.k-state.edu

sparksCathryn Sparks
Clinical Assistant Professor

213 Coles Hall785-532-4538csparks@vet.k-state.edu
Zsolt SzladovitsZsolt Szladovits
Clinical Assistant Professor
302C Trotter Hall785-532-4530  zszlado@vet.k-state.edu
Masaaki Tamura*Masaaki Tamura
210 Coles Hall785-532-4825 mtamura@vet.k-state.edu
Lihua WangAbbie Viscardi
Research Assistant Professor
132 Coles Hall785-532-4864aviscardi@vet.k-state.edu
Lihua WangLihua Wang
Research Assistant Professor
230 Coles Hall785-532-4397lihua@vet.k-state.edu
Mark Weiss*Mark Weiss
105 Coles Hall785-532-4520 weiss@vet.k-state.edu
Xiong*Yulan Xiong
Assistant Professor
212 Coles Hall785-532-4542yulanx@vet.k-state.edu
Jianzhong Yu*Jianzhong Yu
Assistant Professor
207 Coles Hall785-532-4507jianzhongyu@vet.k-state.edu

Ancillary Faculty

Sally Davis

Department of Biochemistry

John Tomich

Division of Biology

Sherry Fleming

Ruth Welti

Department of Chemistry

Santosh Aryal

Department of Clinical Sciences

Bonnie Rush

Tom Schermerhorn

Department of Kinesiology

Tom Barstow

Craig Harms

Department of Mathematics

Majid Jaberi-Douraki

Emeritus Faculty

Howard Erickson

Roger Fedde

Daniel Marcus

Nancy Monteiro-Riviere

Jim Riviere

Deryl Troyer

Philine Wangemann

Jane Westfall