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We are a multi-disciplinary department with responsibilities in instruction, research and continuing education in the disciplines of gross and microscopic anatomy, cell and systemic physiology, pharmacology, and neuroscience.

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Our mission: Cultivate an environment that fosters ingenuity, leadership and excellence in teaching, research and service.

Our vision: Build the finest veterinary biomedical science department.


The One-Year Master's in Biomedical Science Class of 2022 has been finalized and the class photo appears below. For more info on how to apply to become part of the 2023 class, visit

OYM 2022


Martin Award

CurtisCongratulations to our PhD graduates

Andrew Curtis and Miriam Martin have successfully completed defense of their PhD presentations, "Examination of the impact of bovine anaplasmosis on dairy and beef operations, and evaluation of control with antimicrobial chemosterilization or vaccination with an ear-implant delivery platform" and "Investigation of Pain and Analgesic Strategies in Food Animals," respectively. Martin is now working as an operations manager for Progressive Beef in Great Bend, Kan.


Recent accomplishments by A&P department faculty and students


  • MalreddyDr. Pradeep Malreddy has received the 2021 Boehringer Ingelheim Award For Excellence in Teaching in the first year of the DVM curriculum and also the CVM's Caring For Others Award. Various students nominated him for staying late many nights to help students prepare for a Gross Anatomy test.
  • Dr. Abbie Viscardi recently coached a group of CVM students to a second-Viscardiplace finish nationally at the 21st annual AVMA Animal Welfare Assessment Contest, held virtually Nov. 19-21. Brad Hill, Tessa van Buren, and Kaitlyn Rhine competed as a team in the Undergraduate Senior Division, and Madeline Hall (Class of 2024) competed as an individual in the Veterinary Division. The contest species this year were boar studs, psittacines as pets, and cats in a research setting. Dr. Abbie Viscardi served as the lead coach, with Eduarda Mazzardo Bortoluzzi (PhD Candidate in Animal Sciences) serving as the assistant coach. They met with students every week from the beginning of September to teach them animal welfare assessment techniques in preparation for the contest. At the competition, Kansas State University placed second in the Undergraduate Senior Division (out of 28 teams). Rhine placed third overall in her division (out of 44 students). Hill and van Buren also placed among the top 25%.
  • Two students from Dr. Masa Tamura's lab, Morgan Phillips and Grace Calo, have been awarded Cancer Research Awards from the Johnson Cancer Research Center for the Spring 2022 semester.
  • Dr. Jeff Comer and Ravi Thakkar were awarded an initial allocation of 48 hours on microscopes at the Pacific Northwest Center for Cryo-EM.

Recently Funded Grant Proposals

  • Dr. Hans Coetzee, Consolidated Biomedical Core Facilities Supporting a Center on Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Disease Research, sponsored by NIH, PI allocation of $42,625.
  • ShiDr. Jishu Shi, Develop an mRNA Vaccine Against HP-PRRSV, sponsored by Beijing Dingchi Chuangyan Biotechnology Co., Ltd., PI allocation of $100,000; Screening of Novel Antiviral Compound for In-Vitro Efficacy Against Animal Health Viral Pathogens, sponsored by Elanco Animal Health, PI allocation of $111,730; Research Supporting Workforce Development for the National BioAgro Defense Facility Development of CSF Subunit Vaccines, sponsored by the USDA, PI allocation of $109,900; Research Supporting Workforce Development for the National BioAgro Defense Facility Development of CSF Subunit Vaccines, sponsored by the USDA, PI allocation of $337,600; Professional Services Agreement, sponsored by Elanco, PI allocation of $220,000.
  • Dr. Geraldine Magnin, Method Validation for the Analysis of Cannabinoids in Animal Specimen and Hemp-based Animal Feed Products, sponsored by HHS/FDA, PI allocation of $76,000.
  • EnsleyDr. Steve Ensley, Method Validation for the Analysis of Cannabinoids in Animal Specimen and Hemp-based Animal Feed Products, sponsored by HHS/FDA, PI allocation of $76,000; Developing a Food Animal Veterinary Toxicology Training Program at KSU CVM, sponsored by the USDA, PI allocation of $124,000; Integrating Prospective Research and Diagnostic Survey of Commercial Swine Production Systems to Determine Diagnostic Reference Ranges for Common Bone and Mineralization-Related Biological Measurments, sponsored by the Iowa Pork Producers Association, PI allocation of $6,791; KSVDL VET-LRN Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Program, sponsored by the FDA, PI allocation of $115,532.
  • Dr. David Poole, Multidrug Metabolic Approach to Improve Exercise and Skeletal Muscle Oxidative Capacity in HFpEF, sponsored by the NIH and the University of Pennsylvania, PI allocation of $7,867; Targeting Skeletal Muscle Perfusion and Oxidative Capacity in HFpEF, sponsored by the NIH, PI allocation of $16,740.
  • Dr. Bruce Schultz, Small Molecule-Modulated Bicarbonate Conductance of CFTR Variants, sponsored by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, PI allocation of $140,000.
  • Dr. Rob Delong, RAPID - Impact of Coronaviridae Lipid Protein and RNA Interaction on Copper, Zinc, and Their Derivatives Coated Personal Protective Equipment Surfaces and Viral Infectivity, sponsored by the NSF, PI allocation of $61,012.
  • HallDr. Stephanie Hall, Protective Effects of Exercise Against Alzheimer's Disease in a Transgenic Rat Model, sponsored by the NIH, PI allocation of $140,500; Cognitive and Neurobiological Approaches to Plasticity CNAP, sponsored by the NIH (K-State COBRE), PI allocation of $211,341.
  • Dr. Mark Weiss, 2021 JCRC Innovation Award, sponsored by the KSU Foundation/Johnson Cancer Research Center, PI allocation of $22,500.
  • Dr. Abbie Viscardi, Cognitive and Neurobiological Approaches to Plasticity CNAP, sponsored by the NIH (K-State COBRE), PI allocation of $211,341.


  • Dr. Meena Kumari was invited by the Vice Chancellor, Prof Neelima Gupta and Prof JD Ahi to give a webinar on Dec 16 at Dr. Harisingh Gour Vishwavidyalaya University in Central India. This webinar will be a part of their conference on “Neurobiology of Behavior: the Challenge and the Promise”.
  • LouMaria Lou, PhD student working with Dr. Abbie Viscardi, presented a talk in Orlando, Fla., on her research (Lou M, Kleinhenz MD, Coetzee JF, and Viscardi AV). Evaluating the utility of a CO2 surgical laser for piglet processing procedures to reduce pain and improve wound healing) at the Merck Advancing Animal Welfare Together (AAWT) Symposium Nov. 15-17.
  • Drs. Mike Kleinhenz, Hans Coetzee and Miriam Martin presented in the virtual 3rd Pain in Animals Workshop (PAW) on October 14-15. PAW is a 2-day workshop open to research, academia, government, and industry experts in the areas of human and animal pain assessment and analgesic therapeutic development. The PAW meetings are held every other year in partnership with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to bring researchers together who are working to better understand pain in animals and humans.
  • Dr. Basel, Matthew , Sebek, J; Shrestha, TB; Payne, M; Pyle, M; Timmerman, S; Bossmann, SH; Highland, MA; Donlon, P; O’Halloran, M; Dennedy, MC; Prakash, P. Image-guided microwave ablation with MRI thermometry feedback used to treat aldosterone-producing adenomas in a nude mouse model. 13th International Congress of Hyperthermia. Oct. 6-9.
  • Sebek, J; Shrestha, TB; Highland, MA; Mali, I; Payne, M; Zia, G; Zeinali, N; Timmerman, S; Basel, Matthew T.; Bossmann, SH; O’Halloran, M; Dennedy, MC; Prakash, P. Integrated system for delivering microwave ablation to experimental tumors in small-animals under 14.1 T MRI thermometry guidance: development, validation, and in vivo demonstration. 13th International Congress of Hyperthermia. Oct. 6-9.
  • Mullen, N; Warde, K; Bottiglieri, A; Cappiello, G; Farina, L; Basel, Matthew; O’Halloran, M; Prakash, P; O’Shea, P; Dennedy, MC. Sublethal hyperthermia as a steroidogenic inhibitor for the treatment of adrenal endocrinopathies. 13th International Congress of Hyperthermia. Oct. 6-9.
  • Dr. Rob DeLong presented “Nanoparticle based antiviral against SARS-CoV-2” at the CEZID annual meeting based on the pilot project funding at the Grain Innovation Center to internal/external evaluators. He expects to submit the paper based on the data in the presentation responding to an invitation in the journal Biochemistry for a special issue “Biochemistry at the nanoscale.”



Upreti wins Westfall Graduate Fellowship

The Dr. Jane A. Westfall Graduate Fellowship for Women was awarded to Deepa Upreti on Oct. 26. This fellowship provides financial assistance to female graduate students. She is a graduate research assistant working with Dr. Masaaki Tamura.


Coetzee hemp studyDrs. Hans Coetzee, left, and Michael Kleinhenz are drawing wide-ranging media attention for their studies on industrial hemp in cattle feed.

Dr. Coetzee's lab leads research on safety of hemp in cattle feed

A pair of studies at Kansas State University is bringing new insight to farmers and producers seeking to incorporate industrial hemp in cattle feed. After the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp production in the U.S., interest has grown in industrial hemp as an agricultural commodity, including as feed for animals. FDA approval, however, through the Association of American Feed Control Officials would be required before hemp could be fed to livestock or pets.

"Although hemp can be legally cultivated under license in Kansas, feeding hemp products to livestock remains prohibited because the potential for cannabinoid drug residues to accumulate in meat and milk has not been studied," said Dr. Hans Coetzee, professor and anatomy and physiology department head.

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Our Department in the News

David Poole provided information on three media outreach contributions:

  • 10/6/2021 “Extraordinary Human Performances”: Consultant for Michael Batchelder and Kerry Lambert. The History Channel and Prometheus Entertainment, Los Angeles.
  • 10/8/2021 Kinesiology Today Article: “Wearing Covid-19 masks and physical activity: The science”. Article by Patrick Wade (217-390-2261).
  • 10/19/2021 Platinum Performance Webinar “Exercise-induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage in Performance Horses”, RACE-AAEP Approved continuing education. With Dr. Warwick Bayly and Jesse Bengoa.

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