CVM Alumni Video Biographies

The College of Veterinary Medicine is compiling biographies of our Extraordinary Graduates with 40 years of experience or more, to share the stories of their lives and careers in the hope of creating an enduring legacy and to inspire future generations of veterinary students. If you are interested in taking part in this exciting and meaningful project, please contact Sharon Greene by phone at 785-532-4229 or by email for information on how to participate.

Enjoy the biographies we have collected so far using the links below. These Extraordinary Graduates of Kansas State University have shared stories from before, during, and after veterinary school and what it means to them to be a veterinarian. These biographies demonstrate the exceptional commitment, heroism, integrity, discipline, values and discovery involved in dedicating your life to the greatest profession in the world!

Class Year
Dr. Nathan D. Harwood 1918
Dr. Francis Maxwell Kennedy (by Ellie Kennedy Everitt) 1940
Dr. Russell Hardin 1946
Dr. Robert Litt 1946
Dr. Cecil W. Ingmire 1947
Dr. Max Beam 1951
Dr. Robert M. Phillips 1951
Dr. Marion Hammarlund 1953
Dr. Harry Baker 1955
Dr. Ross Kuttler 1955
Dr. Robert Novak 1955
Dr. Dudley Pautz 1955
Dr. Donald "Ferd" Waddell 1955
Dr. Dick Wampler 1955
Dr. Don McReynolds 1956
Dr. Jack Railsback 1956
Dr. Wayne E. Bailie 1957
Dr. Duane Miksch 1957
Dr. Franklin A. Ahrens 1959
Dr. Lowell Cornwell 1959
Dr. Howard Erickson 1959
Dr. Brad Neer 1959
Dr. Sam Graham 1959
Dr. Tim McKenna 1959
Dr. James H. Smart 1959
Dr. Andy Stewart 1959
Dr. Ed Bicknell 1960
Dr. Roy Russell 1960
Dr. Don Jaax 1961
Dr. James R. Coffman
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Dr. Ed Frankel 1963
Dr. Gail Anspaugh 1964
Dr. Richard Johnson 1964
Dr. Don Schroeder 1964
Dr. Donald W. Stanton 1964
Dr. Bill Edwards 1966
Dr. Gary Harmon 1966
Dr. Victor Hurtig 1966
Dr. Steve Mosier 1966
Dr. C. Stan O'Neil 1966
Dr. Ivan R. Schrock 1966
Dr. Terry Turner 1966
Dr. Wallace W. Wolf, Jr. 1966
Dr. Walter Colon 1967
Dr. James E. Dale 1967
Dr. Cathy Harmon 1967
Dr. Duane Henrikson 1967
Dr. William Bryant 1968
Dr. David Hodgson 1968
Dr. J. Eileen Warner 1968
Dr. Victor Anspaugh 1969
Dr. Denis A. Bekaert 1969
Dr. Robert A. "Brick" Briggs 1969
Dr. William P. Gallant 1969
Dr. Dean Henricks 1969
Dr. James M. Osborn 1969
Dr. Loren J. Rickard 1969
Dr. Larry Ringel 1969
Dr. Ronald E. Sanko 1969
Dr. Stephen Sproul 1969
Dr. Larry D. Stuckey 1969
Dr. David Franz 1970
Dr. Steven Slusher 1970
Dr. Norman Galle 1972
Dr. Steven L. Stockham 1972
Dr. Curtis L. Bock 1974
Dr. Melvin H. Falk 1974
Dr. Robert C. Howland, Jr. 1974
Dr. Ronald L. Highland 1975
Dr. Wayne L. Ingmire 1975
Dr. Vern E. Otte 1975
Dr. Richard Daise 1976

Dr. Gatz Riddell
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Dr. David Granstrom

Dr. Mary Sue Summers 1979
Dr. Linda K. Johnson 1983

Dr. Sara L. Mark
Also: 2012 Alumni Fellow Interview