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College of Veterinary Medicine

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Outstanding Young Alumnus


To recognize a recent graduate who has demonstrated outstanding contributions to the veterinary profession, and / or their community, state or nation.


  • Graduate of KSU Veterinary College 10 years or less;
  • Member of the KSU CVM VMAA;
  • Current Executive Board members of the VMAA are ineligible;

Criteria for Selection

  • Exhibit outstanding contributions to veterinary medicine;
  • Demonstrate leadership in the veterinary profession;
  • Active in their local community: civic, local/state government, church, etc;
  • Humanitarian services and contributions to society and the profession rather than material success alone;

Presentation of Award

Award to be presented at the Annual Conference for Veterinarians at the Alumni Brunch.

Outstanding Young Alumnus Award
2019Dr. Cameon Ohmes2009
2018Dr. Kathleen Ritzmann2008
2017Dr. Chris Payton2007
2016Dr. Taylor Truitt2006
2015Dr. Sara Beth Mullaney2005
2014Dr. Thomas Furman2004
2013Dr. Copper Aitken-Palmer2003
2012Dr. Cliff Mitchell2002