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College of Veterinary Medicine

Anatomy and Physiology

Faculty Research Areas


Frank BlechaFrank Blecha
Associate Dean for Research, University Distinguished Professor

Immunophysiology, host defense peptides, interferons, innate immunity, functional genomics

Hans CoetzeeHans Coetzee
Department Head, Professor, and Interim Director of ICCM/NICKS

Pain assessment techniques and practical analgesic drug regimens for use in food animals

Peying FongPeying Fong
Associate Professor 

Membrane transporters, channels and trafficking, thyroid dysfunction, cystic fibrosis

Butch KuKanichButch KuKanich
Associate Professor 

Pharmacology, clinical pharmacology, analgesics 

Meena KumariMeena Kumari
Associate Professor 

Alcohol dependence, NMDA receptor, central nervous system

LinZhoumeng Lin
Assistant Professor 

PBPK modeling, toxicology, pharmacokinetics, food safety, risk assessment, FARAD

Tim MunschTim Musch

Exercise physiology, coronary heart disease, chronic heart failure, microcirculation

David PooleDavid Poole

Exercise physiology, cardiorespiratory disease, microcirculation, respiration 

Bruce SchultzBruce Schultz

Epithelial physiology, male reproductive tract, mammary function, cystic fibrosis

Jishu ShiJishu Shi

Adjuvant, CSF, viruses, vaccines, PRRSV

Masaaki TamuraMasaaki Tamura
Associate Professor 

Mesenchymal stem cells, stem-cell-based cancer-targeted therapy, gene therapy

Mark WeissMark Weiss

Mesenchymal stromal cells, pluripotent stem cells, translational research, clinical trials