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Brian Lubbers

 Assistant Professor

DVM (2002), Kansas State University
PhD (2009), Kansas State University
Diplomate ACVCP (2011)

Director, Microbiology Laboratory

Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory 
Phone: (785)532-4012
Email: blubbers@vet.k-state.edu


My primary responsibility, as director of the microbiology laboratory, is to oversee the day-to-day case management of bacterial and fungal diagnostic specimens.  The Microbiology Laboratory receives specimens from practitioners throughout the Midwest and the Veterinary Health Center for pathogen identification and susceptibility testing.  My primary service interest is in the interpretation of antimicrobial susceptibility testing.


I participate in primarily collaborative research projects with investigators within the College of Veterinary Medicine and animal health industries. My research interests are in the therapy of bacterial infections in food animals and antimicrobial resistance development.

Selected Publications

Lubbers, BV, Peterson, G, Narayanan, SK, Havel, J, Apley, MD. Comparison of two simulated oxytetracycline dosing regimens and the impact on horizontal transfer of a resistance plasmid. AJVR. 2011;72(7):877-883.

Lubbers, BV, Apley, MD, Coetzee, JF, Mosier, DA, Biller, DS, Mason, DE, Henao-Guerrero, PN: Use of computed tomography to evaluate pathologic changes in the lungs of calves with experimentally induced respiratory tract disease. AJVR. 2007;68(11):1259-1264.

Coetzee, JF, Lubbers, BV, Toerber, SE, Gehring, R, Thomson, DU, White, BJ and Apley, MD: Plasma concentrations of substance P and cortisol in beef calves after castration or simulated castration. AJVR. 2008;69(6):751-762.

Coetzee, JF, Gehring, R, Bettenhausen, AC, Lubbers, BV, Toerber, SE, Thomson, DU, KuKanich, B and Apley, MD: Attenuation of acute plasma cortisol response in calves following intravenous sodium salicylate administration prior to castration. JVPT. 2007;30(4):305-313.