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College of Veterinary Medicine

Scheduling a Visit

Scheduling a Visit to K-State Vet Med 

Prospective students who are interested in visiting the College of Veterinary Medicine, which includes a conversation with a representative of our Admissions Office and a tour led by a Vet Med Ambassador, should utilize the visit form link towards the bottom of this page to request a visit experience. The tour will include classrooms, lab spaces, our Student Success Center, and the Veterinary Health Center, which serves as the College’s comprehensive teaching hospital. 

Visit Timeframe 

Visits are traditionally held Monday through Friday from 11:30am to 1:00pm, which allows for a conversation with a representative from our Office of Admissions and for one of our Vet Med Ambassadors to lead the tour and address questions from the perspective of a current student during their daily break between classes. If this time frame absolutely cannot work with your schedule, we will try our best to accommodate, depending on the schedules of our Admissions Office representatives. 

An advanced notice of at least two weeks is preferred for both individual and group visits. However, if circumstances do not allow for a two-week advanced notice, we will try our best to accommodate the individual or group visit request, depending upon when the visit request form has been completed and submitted. 

Group Visits 

We also offer visits for reasonably-sized groups for those interested in veterinary medicine. Similarly to individual visits, we offer the opportunity to connect with Admissions Office representatives, converse with Vet Med Ambassadors, and explore various classrooms, lab, and facilities. If you would like to request and schedule a group visit, please utilize the visit form link towards the bottom of this page. 

Additionally, Vet Med Open House is another great opportunity to explore the College of Veterinary Medicine, and traditionally falls on the first Saturday in April every year. For more information about Vet Med Open House, please e-mail admit@vet.k-state.edu

Parking and Visit Check-In 

Your visit will start in Trotter Hall, which can be found between Coles and Mosier Halls on the north end of K-State’s campus. When you arrive, please make your way to the Admissions Office in 103 Trotter Hall. If you intend on also scheduling and attending an official visit to K-State’s Main Campus on the same day you would like to visit the College of Veterinary Medicine, New Student Services will e-mail you a parking pass that can be utilized in select lots in close proximity to the Veterinary Medicine Center. Otherwise, we encourage you to utilize the metered parking spots on the southern end of the B6 lot, which is directly west of Trotter and Coles Halls. 

Thank you very much for your interest in visiting the College of Veterinary Medicine! We look forward to seeing you on campus and in Manhattan soon!


Click HERE for the Individual Visit Form

Click HERE for the Group Visit Form