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College of Veterinary Medicine

DVM Degree Programs

DVM Degree Program

The doctor of veterinary medicine degree is awarded following the successful completion of a minimum of 64 hours in pre-professional requirements and four years in the professional curriculum.

The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program at the Kansas State College of Veterinary Medicine is a four-year program with three years of pre-clinical classroom instruction followed by one year of clinical training in the Veterinary Health Center. Students have many opportunities to hone their veterinary skills through mentorships, internships and externships. Graduates of the doctoral program in Veterinary Medicine will: demonstrate competency in knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, aptitudes and behaviors in the practice of medicine and surgery applicable to a broad range of species in the context of ever-changing societal expectations and life-long learning.

More information on the DVM Degree Program curriculum and objectives at Kansas State.

View the College of Veterinary Medicine Program Guide (PDF).

Concurrent DVM/Master's and DVM/PhD Degree Programs

The program provides the opportunity for students to pursue several career options beyond the traditional DVM degree. Areas of graduate training include comparative medicine, infectious disease, clinical/production medicine, and others. Participants can pursue graduate research training at Kansas State, cooperating USDA laboratories and other qualified academic institutions.

More information on the Concurrent DVM Degree Programs curriculum and objectives at Kansas State.

Concurrent DVM Degree Certificate Programs

Certificates provide an opportunity for currently enrolled DVM students to receive additional credentialing at graduation. Certificate programs include a set number of core and elective courses, demonstrated competence in clinical skills, and additional co-curricular experiences in specific professional areas.

More information on the DVM Degree Program Certificates at Kansas State.