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College of Veterinary Medicine

Student Opportunities

Veterinary Research Scholars ProgramVeterinary Research Scholars Program

An intensive research-oriented experience directed towards attracting our most talented professional students into biomedical research careers.

BRITE Program

The BRITE Veterinary Student Program provides DVM students interested in research with a subsidized, in-depth mentored research experience. The opportunity can be used to gain research experience, to obtain an MS, or to jump-start a DVM/PhD program.

CEEZAD BSL-3 Training/Transboundary Animal Diseases Summer Program

A two-week program designed to introduce graduate, DVM and upper-level undergraduate students to high-containment training at the Biosecurity Research Institute and to provide current practical and scientific information on select high consequence transboundary and zoonotic diseases and associated careers.

Dual DVM/Ph.D. Scholarship Supports Qualified StudentsGraduate programs

Graduate study at the K-State College of Veterinary Medicine prepares trainees to become independent scientists engaged in basic, applied or clinical research.

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