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College of Veterinary Medicine

Admissions Timeline

  • Mid-May to Mid-September: Applicants complete and submit all materials required for VMCAS and K-State Supplemental applications. All deadlines correspond with VMCAS deadlines, and admission applications are processed as they are received. 
  • September-October each year: Applicants are reviewed
  • November each year: Applicants are notified and invited to interview. 
  • December-January each year: Interviews occur. Interview plans will be communicated to applicants by email through the VMCAS system. Interviews may be altered from traditional procedure during the COVID pandemic.
  • After the conclusion of interviews, official correspondence is distributed, notifying all candidates of one of the following:
    • Offer
    • Placed on the alternate list
    • Declined admission for this application cycle
  • April 15 each year: Deadline for offers to communicate their admission decision.
  • May each year: Final transcript evaluations and permanent records prepared by Admissions Office.
  • January each year: Counseling for unsuccessful applicants with the Assistant Dean of Admissions available.
  • June 30 each year: Final transcripts for accepted students are due.