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College of Veterinary Medicine


Since 1905, more than 6,000 men and women have walked into the College of Veterinary Medicine as high-achieving students and left as Doctors of Veterinary Medicine prepared to make their mark on the profession.

The college's nationally recognized instructional and research programs provide the highest standards of professional education. As a student, you will examine and treat small, large and exotic animal species. You will partner with pet owners, breeders, livestock producers, zoos, animal sanctuaries and others as we realize the promise of the One Health initiative.

Choosing a career in veterinary medicine

A career in veterinary medicine may appeal to you if you are interested in medical research, pets, wildlife activities, and domestic livestock of all species. A doctor of veterinary medicine has prestige in the community, independence, a position in a highly regarded profession, interesting work, and the satisfaction of contributing to the welfare of society.

The profession offers many opportunities for both self-employment and salaried work, including:

  • Private practice working with production animals or companion animals. 

  • Government service with state, federal, or foreign assignments in disease control, meat inspection, public health, and animal research. 

  • Armed forces careers as veterinary medical officers in charge of disease control, food inspection and sanitation, and basic research. 

  • Teaching and research in veterinary or human medical schools and other departments of colleges and universities. 

  • Industry positions in research, development, production, and sales of medicinal and food agents for both human and animal use. 

  • Extension veterinary medicine responsible for communicating information to practicing veterinarians, people in the livestock industry, and owners of companion animals. 

  • Specialty practices caring for zoo and exotic animals and with individual species such as cats, horses, pet birds, poultry, swine, or fur-bearing animals.

Dates and deadlines

May 11 - September 21

K-State Supplemental Application accepted

September 21

Completed VMCAS online application due

August orientation

Scholarship applications for incoming students are available during orientation

September 1

Early Admissions Application due post high school completion