Why invest in the One-Year Master's program
at K-State?

Prepare for professional school at a professional school

The One-Year Master's program at the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine is one of the nation's top rated programs and is the first of its kind in Kansas!

One of the main goals of the One Year Master’s program is to prepare students to apply to and succeed in health professional programs. The best place to prepare for professional school is at a professional school where you can interact with professors who understand the program, take courses designed to have similar rigor, and have access to world-class facilities!

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Be exposed to the range of opportunities in the field of biomedicine

Preparing for professional school is a focus of the One Year Master’s, but the biomedical field encompasses much more. The One Year Master’s program will expose you to a range of opportunities in biomedicine and prepare you to pursue a wide variety of opportunities and allow you to enter the next stage of life with an M.S. degree. Whether you are sure you want to go to professional school or are just interested in biomedicine, but are unsure of the next steps, this program is for you!

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Professors familiar with professional school rigor are dedicated to your success

All the core instructors in the One Year Master’s program are teaching faculty at the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine. We know what it takes to be a successful professional student and we want to prepare you to succeed in professional school.

basel photo Dr. Matthew Basel is the Course Coordinator for the Physiology and Study Methods courses and teaches in the Microanatomy course in the One Year Master’s program. He teaches Physiology, Microanatomy, and Nanomedicine to veterinary students in the professional curriculum and has been nominated for and won several teaching awards including the Boehringer Ingelheim Teaching Excellence Award.

malreddy photo Dr. Pradeep Malreddy is the Course Coordinator for the Microanatomy course and teaches in the Physiology, Anatomy, and Study Methods courses in the One Year Master’s program. He teaches Anatomy, Special Interest Anatomy, Introduction to Research, and Microanatomy to veterinary students in the professional curriculum. His main interests are developing anatomical models for teaching and using eye-tracking to identify the visual search pattern of veterinary students.

Newly Renovated, World-Class Facilities

Our teaching facilities were completely renovated in 2018 to turn them into state-of-the-art teaching facilities for Anatomy and Physiology

The Dr. Wally Cash Anatomy Suite

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The anatomy teaching lab is equipped with 30 student work stations that have integrated technology and down draft tables to minimize formaldehyde fumes.

Virtual Human Anatomy

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In collaboration with the K-State Physician’s Assistant Program, students will have the opportunity to learn human anatomy and physiology and do virtual human dissections using VR resources in Ice Hall.

The Microanatomy Lab

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The microanatomy teaching lab is a fully technology-integrated teaching space. The classroom is split into 15 stations hosting four students each. The main teaching microscope can be displayed on the main projectors and/or on the screens at each individual station while students follow along with their own microscopes. The technology-integrated teaching space also allows the seamless integration of virtual and real histology in the same classroom.