Graduate programs

The graduate programs, housed in the three departments of the college, Anatomy and Physiology, Clinical Sciences, and Diagnostic Medicine and Pathobiology, allow students to pursue classroom, laboratory, clinical, and or field training in various disciplines of the biomedical sciences in veterinary and comparative medicine. Additionally, students have opportunities to interact with or work in departments and colleges across the K-State campus and Federal Research Laboratories, such as Arthropod-Borne Animal Disease Research Unit (ABADRU), a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) institute in Manhattan, KS and the Plum Island Animal Disease Center, a Department of Homeland Security laboratory in Plum Island, NY. The broad mission of the graduate program is to provide education through research that advances animal and human health and prepare graduates to a career in academia, animal health and allied industries, state and federal agencies, and specialized clinical practices in veterinary medicine. The graduate faculty in the college represent a broad range of basic, applied, and clinical research. The strength of the graduate program, in addition to quality, is flexibility.

The program offers opportunities for DVM students to concurrently work on a dual degree program (DVM/MS, DVM/MPH, or DVM/PHD) and for DVM graduates in residency training to prepare for board certification.


One Year Master’s in Biomedical Science Degree Program

Master's in Veterinary Biomedical Sciences Program

Master of Public Health

PhD in Anatomy and Physiology

PhD in Pathobiology

Agricultural Biosecurity Research Graduate Certificate

Concurrent DVM/Master’s and DVM/PhD Programs

Public Health Graduate Certificate