Student Opportunities

Veterinary Research Scholars Program

An intensive research-oriented experience directed towards attracting our most talented professional students into biomedical research careers.

CEEZAD BSL-3 Training/Transboundary Animal Diseases Summer Program

A two-week program designed to introduce graduate, DVM and upper-level undergraduate students to high-containment training at the Biosecurity Research Institute and to provide current practical and scientific information on select high consequence transboundary and zoonotic diseases and associated careers.

Dual DVM/Ph.D. Scholarship Supports Qualified Students Graduate programs

Graduate study at the K-State College of Veterinary Medicine prepares trainees to become independent scientists engaged in basic, applied or clinical research.

Undergraduate Research Experience (DVM 599)

Undergraduate students participating in mentored research activities in the College of Veterinary Medicine should enroll in DVM 599 in every term that they are engaged in research to have the research experience recorded on their transcript. There is no cost to the student for enrolling, but permission is required. Access the fillable permission form (pdf).

Outside K-State