Ready to Serve: Building a Day-1-Ready Public Health Workforce for Kansas and Beyond

The scholarship program aims to prepare the public health workforce who live and work in Kansas, to promote the expansion of public health systems through strategic scholarships. A U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration grant allows Kansas State University to offer up to 73 scholarships for tuition, supplies, books and travel for part-time and full-time students in the K-State Master of Public Health program emphasis areas.

Objectives of the program include expanding public health systems' capacities by recruiting and training day-one-ready public health workers; meeting public health workforce needs for skilled workers by deploying an equity-infused training program; facilitating career planning for public health trainees through a career readiness and mentoring program using public health partners; and identifying and delivering practicum sites for public health trainees with public health partners, and experiential-learning exposure to career opportunities.

Students pursuing a public health graduate certificate and in accelerated degree paths such as the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine/Master of Public Health degree program or concurrent public health bachelor's degree/Master of Public Health program are eligible.

Students must apply and be accepted into the K-State Master of Public Health program to be eligible for these scholarships.

Scholarship Eligible Public Health Programs

Online, in person and hybrid options

Certificate Program

15 credit hours
Five public health core courses

Master of Public Health

42 credit hours

Concentrations in

Food Safety & Biosecurity
Infectious Diseases & Zoonoses
Public Health Nutrition
Public Health Physical Activity

Minimum eligibility requirements
  • Admission to a graduate public health certificate or MPH degree program
  • U.S. citizenship
  • 3.0 GPA
  • Current or future career in public health

We are now accepting applications for 2023

There is a priority deadline of November 28, 2022 for Spring 2023 applications, with a 30 minute zoom interview on Dec 19, 2022. Apply for the program at


For more information, contact:

Dr. Ellyn Mulcahy

K-State MPH Director