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Distinguished Service Award


The distinguished service award is an honor conferred by the College of Veterinary Medicine.  The award is presented to acknowledge an individual who through their loyalty, dedication, and special efforts, has positively impacted the College and enhanced the stature, support and success of the College’s programs.


  • Any citizen, alumnus, student, staff, or faculty member is eligible to receive this honor.
  • No person may receive this honor more than once.


  • Nominations will be solicited annually by the office of the dean.
  • Nominations may be made by any student, staff or faculty member of the College of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Nominees should be recommended because of their clear record of positive impact on the College of Veterinary Medicine.
  • All nominations should be accompanied by a letter of support.
  • All nominations will be treated as confidential.


The selection of the recipient will be made by the Dean of Veterinary Medicine.

The dean may choose to appoint a committee of faculty, staff, and students to screen or review nominations.


One award will be given annually by the College at a time and place of maximum exposure to the profession and the College community.

The award will consist of a plaque and commendations.

The dean may grant a second award in the case of special circumstances in which he or she believes it to be appropriate.

Presentation of Award
The award is presented at the Heritage Evening during the Annual Conference for Veterinarians by the College of Veterinary Medicine and its Veterinary Medical Alumni Association the first weekend of June.


YearRecipientClass Year or Title
2018Dr. Howard Erickson1959, Emeritus Professor
2017Dr. Jane WestfallEmeritus Professor
2016Dr. Walter C. CashEmeritus Professor (posthumous)
2014Cheri UbelAlumni Coordinator
2013Dr. David S. Hodgson1968
2009Dr. Roger FeddeEmeritus Professor
2009Linda JohnsonContinuing Education
1996Neil V. AndersonEmeritus Faculty/Past Interim Dean
1984Walter C. Bowie1947
1982Earl J. Splitter1943
1982William V. Lumb1943
1980Frank W. Jordan1939
1977Raymond L. Russell1956
1974Marvin J. Twiehaus1936
1973Merle L. Henrikson1939
1973Charles H. Snider1940
1971Wilson M. Osteen1935
1969Willard H. Eyestone1941
1967C. Kenneth Whitehair1940
1966Don H. Spangler1931
1965Frank B. Young1919
1964Norwood H. Casselberry1939
1963Edward R. Frank1924
1963William R. Pritchard1946
1963Louise A. Scherger Lombard1944
1963Wade O. Brinker1939
1961Lawrence O. Mott1929
1961Joseph E. Knappenberger1935
1961Forrest L. Hart1918
1960Aubrey M. Lee1922
1959Theodore S. Williams1935
1959Nathan D. Hardwood1918
1958Eddell C. Jones1916
1957Jay Reynolds1942
1957Cecil Elder1916
1957Charles W. Bower1918
1957Robert L. Anderes1933
1955W. Elmer Young1925
1955Wayne O. Kester1931
1955Carl A. Brandly1923