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College of Veterinary Medicine

U.S.-China Center for Animal Health (USCCAH)

The U.S.-China Center for Animal Health (USCCAH) is a Kansas State University (KSU)-based training center that improves the bilateral collaboration in veterinary education and research, and assists Chinese and U.S. animal health companies to access the U.S. and Chinese markets, respectively.

The College of Veterinary Medicine at KSU and the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor provide the ideal location for this training platform. Because of our strong and close connections with Chinese and American stakeholders, we are well versed on animal health needs in both countries.

We serve the mission in two areas of professional commitment:

  1. Improve the DVM training system in China to meet the AVMA standards. We train 4-10 DVM students from China each year in four different universities in the U.S.;
  2. Develop international public-private partnerships for research collaboration in fighting emerging and major infectious animal diseases.




  1. 促进中国的执业兽医教育体系使其达到美国兽医学会的标准。我们每年培训4-10名中国DVM学生。
  2. 建立和加强中美两国在防控突发和重大动物传染病研究方面的政府与民间组织的合作伙伴关系. 

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