Concurrent DVM Programs

DVM/Master's and DVM/PhD programs

The concurrent DVM/Master's and DVM/PhD programs provide the opportunity for students to pursue several career options beyond the traditional DVM degree. Areas of graduate training include:

  • comparative medicine,
  • infectious disease,
  • clinical/production medicine,
  • and others.

Participants can pursue graduate research training at Kansas State, cooperating USDA laboratories and other qualified academic institutions.


Students can apply at any time after acceptance to the DVM program. Applicants should have taken at least 20 credits of biology or microbiology and related subjects. Requirements include

  • a good academic standing in undergraduate courses and
  • a competitive composite GRE score.

After admission to the DVM/Master's program or DVM/PhD program, fellows must maintain

  • a good academic standing in both veterinary and graduate courses, and
  • a minimum GPA of 3.0

Progress is assessed by a dual degree oversight committee. It is expected that the total time for the programs should not exceed seven years.

Additional support for dual degree students is in the form of other scholarships. For example, students interested in infectious disease may be eligible for tuition and graduate training support.

For additional information and application materials:

T.G. Nagaraja
Department of Diagnostic Medicine and Pathobiology

Barb Turner
Graduate Program Assistant