Jianfa Bai


Director of Molecular Research and Development
Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Ph.D., Kansas State University
M.S., University of the Philippines at Los Baños
B.S., Northwest A&F University, Yangling, China

157 CVM East/KSU-IC, Research Park
Phone: 785-532-4332
Fax: 785-532-3909
Email: jbai@vet.ksu.edu

Research and Service

My research and service interests are to develop, validate and improve molecular diagnostic methods for the identification, quantification and characterization of animal, zoonotic and foodborne pathogens using PCR, sequencing and other technologies.

In recent years we have developed or improved a number of molecular diagnostic assays or DNA sequencing procedures. Most of which are aimed to increase diagnostic sensitivity and specificity, and reduce cost. We have recently emphasized on building syndromic diagnostic panel testing including respiratory disease, enteric diarrhea, and reproductive disorder panels for different animal species. We have made the effort to include an internal control for all newly developed assays in order to monitor nucleic acid extractions and potential PCR inhibitions, thus to reduce false negative detections.

We are also interested in exploring new molecular diagnostic technologies that can be potentially used to increase multiplexing and throughput capabilities, and to lower the cost and to reduce turnaround time for diagnostic services.

Selected Publications

(*Corresponding author)

PubMed search for Dr. Bai

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