Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology

The Department of Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology is a multidisciplinary department that helps train tomorrow's veterinarians and scientists, provides diagnostic service to the state and the nation, and conducts research on disease in animals and humans. We are proud of our commitments to diversity in our teaching, research and service missions.

Latest News

Dr. Juergen Richt visits with President Richard Linton on Next Gen 'Cats!


Highlights in Research and Teaching

Kim and ChangDMP team provides high-containment training to international scientists

Drs. Dana Vanlandingham, professor of arbovirology, and Natalia Costa Ball, research assistant professor, (both with the Department of Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology (DMP) in the College of Veterinary Medicine at K-State) presented the 2023 International High Containment Practices and Techniques Seminar in late April.

RichtK-State College of Veterinary Medicine presents research excellence award to Dr. Dana Vanlandingham

Research targeted at one of the tiniest summer pests has helped earn special recognition for Dr. Dana Vanlandingham, professor of arbovirology at Kansas State University.

Puhlman and MeekinsK-State research uncovers method to detect liver abscesses in cattle

Two Kansas State University researchers in the College of Veterinary Medicine recently found that biochemicals unique to liver abscesses could be used as biomarkers in live cattle to detect liver abscesses.

Positions Available

Assistant/Associate Professor - Immunology
Associate or Full Professor - Pathobiology
Fellow (Post Doc)
Research Assistant for Dr. Juergen Richt
Research Assistant - BSL-2 laboratory
Research Assistant