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College of Veterinary Medicine

Thomas Schermerhorn


Professor, Small Animal Internal Medicine and Morgan K “Al” Jarvis Chair in Veterinary Medicine

Phone: 785-532-5690
E-mail: tscherme@vet.k-state.edu

Education and Professional Training

  • Bachelor of Science: University of Scranton
  • VMD: University of Pennsylvania
  • Internship: South Shore Veterinary Associates
  • Residency: Cornell University


  • Medicine I (2nd year)
  • Pharmacology (2nd year)
  • Clinical Skills (3rd year)
  • Clinical Pharmacology (3rd year)
  • Small Animal Internal Medicine (4th year)


  • Dr. Schermerhorn's laboratory focuses on cellular and molecular endocrinology, especially the study of diabetes mellitus and related metabolic disorders in dogs and cats.


Dr. Schermerhorn’s clinical interests include all aspects of canine and feline endocrinology. He has a special interest in the epidemiology, pathology and therapeutic management of feline diabetes.

Selected Publications