Department of Clinical Sciences

Department of Clinical Sciences' mission is to discover, apply, and disseminate knowledge in veterinary medicine. Our goals are to provide quality veterinary medical education and post graduate training, to offer cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic services, and to advance the science of veterinary medicine through basic and applied research.

Clinical Sciences Faculty Awards

harkin zoetis
Dr. Ken Harkin received the 2023 Zoetis Distinguished Veterinary Teacher Award
(5th time in his career)!

Dr. Brad Crauer receives Pritchard Service Award
Dr. Brad Crauer receives the 2023 Dr. William and Deanna Pritchard Veterinary Service and Outreach Award.

Dr Carpenter Lifetime Achievement award
The College of Veterinary Medicine's James W. Carpenter was recently honored by the American College of Zoological Medicine as the recipient of the Murray E. Fowler Lifetime Achievement Award.

Highlights and Headlines

Dr. Trenton Shrader performs groundbreaking arthritis treatment on 17-year-old Malayan tiger.


Dr. Kate KuKanich collaborates on international pain relief medication guidelines for cats

Dr. Kate KuKanich joins seven feline pain-relief experts in publishing the "2024 ISFM and AAFP consensus guidelines on the long-term use of NSAIDs in cats," which presents practitioners with improved decision-making tools for prescribing NSAIDs for their feline patients.


Community Outreach team receives Kansas State University's 2024 Excellence in Engagement Award

The Community Outreach team is the recipient of the 2024 Kansas State University Excellence in Engagement Award for high-impact educational practices with veterinary students and community outreach efforts for vulnerable populations. The award recognizes initiatives demonstrating innovative and sustained efforts in university-community engagement, positively impacting university and community partners.


Clinical Skills team partners with K-State Technology Development Institute to develop 3D-printed animal eyes for ophthalmology training

The Technology Development Institute, or TDI, and the College of Veterinary Medicine developed a new training aid to help veterinary students learn to use eye exam equipment on several species of animal patients: 3D-printed eye globes replicating the eyes of dogs, cats, horses and rabbits.


Dogs need effective pain relief, too — and a new medicine created by K-State researchers is set to help

A team including K-State's Drs. Butch KuKanich, Kate KuKanich has patented a new formula to more effectively treat moderate to severe pain in dogs. Their formula combines the opioid methadone and another drug to enhance the effect and duration of pain relief.


Dr. Emily Klocke was recognized as the K-State Professor of the Week for March 9, 2023! The Professor of the Week recognition is coordinated by Faculty Senate, the president's office, K-State athletics and the Division of Communication and Marketing. Recipients are faculty members selected by Faculty Senate caucuses. Those selected are provided tickets to a men's basketball game of their choosing and recognized during halftime. This is a small token of appreciation for those who teach at K-State.

Dr. Raghavendra Amachawadi was the recipient of the 2024 American Society of Animal Science Midwest Section Outstanding Young Researcher Award. This award recognizes an individual that has made an outstanding contribution to the research of Animal Science.

DCS Faculty Members Receive Awards

Dr. Neala Boyer was awarded the 2023 Pet Tribute Faculty Award for demonstrating excellence in compassion, sensitivity and empathy while caring for patients. This award is determined by a vote of the senior class.

Dr. Bryan Weaver was named the 2022 Zoetis Distinguished Veterinary Teacher Award.

Dr. William Whitehouse was named recipient of the 2022 Teaching Excellence Award. This award was presented in recognition of outstanding instruction to the third-year veterinary students.

Dr. Mike Apley was awarded the 2022Award for Excellence in Junior Faculty Mentoring.

Dr. Ken Harkin was awarded the 2022 Award for Excellence in Resident/Intern Mentoring.


Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine appoints Brad White director of Beef Cattle Institute

The College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University has appointed Brad White to director of the Beef Cattle Institute.

Notable headlines from the past!

Dr. Brad Crauer Wins 2017 Excellence in Engagement Award

Bradley Crauer, Assistant Professor in Shelter Medicine had been in private practice for about 20 years when a natural disaster uprooted his life and his career plans. When Hurricane Katrina struck, Crauer was recruited by a friend to be a first responder. While in New Orleans, he helped opened a rescue shelter, saving over 1,300 animals. Upon returning to Seattle, he found his perspective on his work had changed, leading him to get in contact with local shelters and nonprofits to continue the work he began in New Orleans.


Kansas State University veterinarians perform cataract surgery on blind baby gibbon

Two-year-old Booger, a gibbon from Greenwood, Missouri, recently underwent cataract surgery at Kansas State University's Veterinary Health Center.

A new legend for Zelda: Ferret receives pacemaker from Veterinary Health Center at Kansas State University


Dr. Dylan Lutter, equine surgeon, talks about the exciting developments happening with stem cell research for equine injuries on AG am in Kansas


A common enemy: Through clinical trials, veterinarian fights cancer in animals, humans - By Dr. Raelene Wouda

Raelene Wouda's passion for improving cancer treatment starts with our four-legged friends.

Dr. James Carpenter was named as one of the 15 Most Influential Veterinarians in 2016 by


Watch this special video about our K-State Shelter Medicine Program