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College of Veterinary Medicine

Matt Miesner


Clinical Professor & Section Head /Livestock Services

Phone: 785-532-5700 
E-mail: mmiesner@vet.k-state.edu

Professional Training

  • BS (Animal Science): New Mexico State University
  • DVM: Washington State University
  • Food Animal Medicine and Surgery Residency (ACVIM): The Ohio State University
  • MS (Veterinary Science): The Ohio State University


  • Food Animal Medicine and Surgery Clinics (4th year)
  • Food Animal Medicine (3rd year)
  • Veterinary Surgery II (3rd year)
  • Clinical Skills (3rd year)
  • Camelid Medicine and Surgery Topics and Skills (2nd and 3rd year)


  • Dr. Miesner collaborates with various clinical research projects regarding bovine lameness, pain management, and disease pathophysiology.


Dr. Miesner’s primary clinical interests are bovine lameness and metabolic diseases of small and large ruminants. Dr. Miesner enjoys teaching students with cases and real life scenarios fielded from daily public and veterinary consultation.

Selected Publications