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College of Veterinary Medicine

Dylan Lutter


Clinical Assistant Professor
Large Animal Emergency Surgery
Equine Performance Medicine

Phone: 785-532-5700 


  • Bachelor of Science: South Dakota State University 2005
  • DVM: Kansas State University 2009
  • MS: Washington State University 2014
  • Residency in Equine Surgery: Washington State University 2010-2014
  • Fellowship in Equine Sports Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging: Washington State University 2014
  • Diplomate American College of Veterinary Surgeons-Large Animal 2015
  • Certified Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner: 2019


  • AP 705 Gross Anatomy II (1st year)
  • DVM 710 Clinical Skills (1st year)
  • DVM 711 Clinical Skills (1st year)
  • DVM 713 Clinical Skills (2nd year)
  • AP 780E Applied Anatomy (1st year)
  • CS 811 Topics in Equine Podiatry (2nd/3rd year)
  • CS 730/CS 722 Veterinary Surgery and Laboratory (3rd  year)
  • CS 742 Clinical Skills Laboratory (3rd year)
  • CS 750/751/772 Equine Surgery, Medicine, & Field Service Rotation (4th year)
  • CS 786 Learning Curve of Equine Practice (elective 2nd or  3rd year)
  • CS 793 Surgical Skills (3rd year)
  • CS 757 Equine Lameness (3rd year)


  • Regenerative Medicine: mesenchymal stem cells and platelet-based therapies
  • Wound healing
  • MRI evaluation of tendon healing
  • Diagnosis and treatment of tendon injury
  • Equine rehabilitation therapies
  • Emergency field stabilization of equine distal limb fractures


Dr. Lutter has clinical interests in difficult lameness cases, sports medicine, MRI of the equine distal limb, equine physical therapy, wound management, equine surgery and emergency practice, treatment of surgical site infections, laparoscopic surgery, and orthopedic surgery.