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College of Veterinary Medicine

Kenneth R. Harkin

Kenneth Harkin

Professor and Section Head, Small Animal Internal Medicine
Hodes Professorship 

Phone# 785-532-5690
E-mail: harkin@vet.k-state.edu


  • DVM: Iowa State University
  • Residency: Michigan State University


  • Medicine I and Medicine II (3rd year)
  • Small Animal Internal Medicine (4th year)
  • Topics in Veterinary Neuroscience (1st year)


  • Infectious disease
  • Immunology


Dr. Harkin’s work includes improving the diagnosis of leptospirosis, evaluating the zoonotic risk associated with infected dogs and investigating pathogenic mechanisms of leptospiral infections. He also studies canine dysautonomia, focused both on identifying the etiology and effects on various organ systems. Other areas of interest include perianal fistulas and liver disease.  He currently has a clinical trial evaluating the effect of myostatin reduction on  recovery from TPLO surgery. 

Selected Publications