Adryanna Siqueira Drake


Clinical Associate Professor, Counselor



Education and Professional Training

  • BS: Psychology, Universidade Catolica de Goias, Brazil
  • MA: Sociology, Kansas State University
  • MS: Family Studies and Human Services (specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy), Kansas State University
  • PhD: Family Studies and Human Services (sp. Marriage and Family Therapy) Kansas State University


  • Authentic video interactions- communication skills (4th year)
  • Client Communication (4th year)
  • Career Risk Awareness (4th year)
  • Empathy (4th year)
  • Self-Care (4th year)


  • Veterinary medical student well-being
  • Interventions to improve veterinary medical student well-being
  • Effectiveness of communication skills training
  • Companion animal loss and grief


  • Dr. Drake is a licensed clinical marriage and family therapist, and provides mental health services to individuals and couples.
  • Clinical services are limited to veterinary medical students, faculty and staff within the KSU CVM community, and clients of the VHC who experience distress related to companion animal loss.

Selected publications