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College of Veterinary Medicine

Laurie Beard

Laurie Beard

Clinical Professor and Section Head, Equine Medicine & Surgery

Phone: 785-532-5700 
E-mail: lbeard@vet.k-state.edu

Education and Professional Training

  • Bachelor of Science: Washington State University
  • DVM: Washington State University
  • Internship: Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital, Lexington, KY
  • Residency: The Ohio State University
  • MS: The Ohio State University


  • Clinical Skills (3rd year)
  • Grand Rounds (3rd year)
  • Medicine III (3rd year)
  • Diagnostic Techniques in Equine Medicine (4th year)
  • Equine Medicine and Field Service (4th year)
  • Supplemental Equine Studies
  • Pleasure Horse Medicine (4th year)


Dr. Beard’s interests include equine endocrine diseases.


Dr. Beard’s primary interests include endocrinology and geriatric equine medicine.

Selected Publications