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Commencement includes 'Heartland Docs' and heart-warming scholarship presentation

Commencement collage

The CVM graduated 118 new veterinarians this year. Drs. Erin '04 and Ben Schroeder '02, Nat Geo TV's "Heartland Docs," gave the address. Also, a new scholarship was presented to Dr. Shannon Lloyd, in honor of classmate Tristan Roy, who passed away in October 2020. Video of the full commencement exercises is online here. See more pictures below.

Senior honors banquet awards $282,000 in scholarships to class of 2024

Three Doctor of Veterinary Medicine graduates receive the Mellenthin-Chapman scholarship award, from left: Yuri Lee, Grace Wilson and Gabrielle Lammons with Clinical Assistant Professor Cody Dressler, who presented the award.Three Doctor of Veterinary Medicine graduates receive the Mellenthin-Chapman scholarship award, from left: Yuri Lee, Grace Wilson and Gabrielle Lammons with Clinical Assistant Professor Dr. Cody Dressler, who presented the award. More than 70 awards and scholarships were presented May 7 during the banquet. Scroll down the page for more photos.

Dr. Mike Apley named interim head of Department of Anatomy and Physiology

Dr. Mike ApleyThe College of Veterinary Medicine has appointed Dr. Mike Apley to serve as interim head of its department of anatomy and physiology. He takes over duties for Dr. Hans Coetzee, associate dean of research and graduate programs, who served as department head since 2016. [File photo from 2018 commencement]

White Coat ceremony begins clinical phase for class of 2025; includes honorary presentation

Dr. Mike ApleyPractical, knowledgable, technically skilled — these are a few benefits to be enjoyed by the class of 2025, who received their white coats May 3 to enter clinical training in the Veterinary Health Center. The ceremony included the presentation of a white coat in honor of late classmate Autumn Johnson, who passed away in 2021. See video of the event. More pictures.

Scholarships and awards promote diversity and inclusion

Keegan, Xie, Clark and Amachawadi

A trio of awards are shining a spotlight on the values of equity, respect and dedication to learning and belonging in the College of Veterinary Medicine. Two of the awards, named for notable alumni — Drs. Bowie and Brown, are scholarships for veterinary students and the other award, Master JEDI, is eligible to faculty and staff members in the college.

Teaching a teacher; The anatomy of a unique graduate student

Chandler Hansen

While most graduate students in the veterinary college will conduct laboratory and clinical research projects, one student is going to the front of the class – to teach. Meet Chandler Hansen, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Anatomy and Physiology, who has an atypical curriculum for her Ph.D. program. Read her story here.

College of Veterinary Medicine presents sixth annual staff awards

Staff awards collageA large crowd attended the sixth annual staff appreciation/awards luncheon hosted April 16 by the College of Veterinary Medicine Staff Council. This council represents all unclassified and university support staff in the college. One of the main priorities of the Staff Council is to acknowledge staff members for their contributions to the college's mission.

CVM joins Arts & Sciences to launch online graduate certificate in strategic health communication

Riyam Hasan, MPH student

The CVM is a partner with the College of Arts and Sciences in a new graduate certificate program in Strategic Health Communication. Home to the Master of Public Health (MPH) program where students participate in public-health-related experiences, such as MPH student Riyam Hasan, who recently attended the CASE workshop in Washington DC.

Malayan tiger at Sunset Zoo undergoes groundbreaking arthritis treatment

By the Manhattan Mercury

Malayan tiger, Hakim, at Sunset Zoo

Hakim, a 17-year-old Malayan tiger, was treated at the Veterinary Health Center, led by Dr. Trenton Shrader, assistant professor of exotic pet, wildlife and zoological medicine. He works closely with Sunset Zoo head zookeeper Caitlin Kenney. The 250-pound tiger has osteoarthritis in both elbows causing a significant amount of pain and mobility issues.

USDA issues mandatory testing, reporting federal order for interstate movement of dairy cattle

By Michigan Farm News

semi truckAs a member of the National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN), the KSVDL is testing for highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI). The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) issued a federal order April 29 mandating reporting requirements for state and private practicing veterinarians and testing laboratories.


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More activities and accomplishments in the College of Veterinary Medicine:

Quick pics in commencement 2024

Commencement highlights

Dr. Palak Shah (far right), member of the DVM class of 2024 sings the national anthem to open commencement exercises for her classmates. Drs. Erin '02 and Ben '04 Schroeders (top middle), from Nat Geo Wild's "Heartland Docs" television program give the commencement address.
Dr. Nicky Cassel (middle left) presents Dr. Nathan Jackson with his hood. Bottom left: K-State President Richard Linton and Interim Provost Debbie Mercer pose with graduates for keepsake photos. Video of the full commencement exercises is online here.

Dr. David Hodgson’s long time work and research on anesthesia ventilation for the bottlenose dolphin has been published in Frontiers in Veterinary Science. The publication, “Apneustic anesthesia ventilation improves pulmonary function in anesthetized bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncates)”, was completed in conjunction with the U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program and other veterinarians across the U.S.

Dr. Jessica Meekins presented at the AAVMC Annual Conference in Washington D.C. April 9-13. She presented, “CBVE 2.0” regarding the updates to the Competency Based Veterinary Education system.

Dr. Nicky Cassel presented at the World Veterinary Association Congress in Cape Town, South Africa, April 17-19. She presented, “A prevalence and descriptive study of rhino horn callus in femoral fractures in dogs at an academic teaching hospital (2009-2021),” as well as, “The use of artificial intelligence in veterinary radiology: the user manual for this new tool in your toolbox."

Dr. Frank BlechaDr. Frank Blecha, longtime faculty member, associate dean and director of the Core Research Laboratories, will be retiring June 9. He has served as a faculty member specializing in immunology since joining K-State in 1981. A reception for Dr. Blecha will be held at 4 p.m. Friday, May 31, in the BI Atrium/Auditorium in the veterinary college.


Quick pics from the White Coat Ceremony

White Coat ceremony highlights

They were third-year students, but now they are fourth-year students, each presented with the official white coats to wear in the Veterinary Health Center during clinical rotations in their final year of studies. The entire class posed for a group picture at the end of the White Coat Ceremony. Bottom row pictures: Kimberly Glotzbach who received her coat from Dr. Leslie Weaver, Orion Mathias with Dr. Pradeep Malreddy and Kathleen Fitzpatrick with Dr. Ken Harkin. Watch the full White Coat Ceremony online.

Quick pics from the Senior Honors Banquet

Senior Honors Banquet highlightsMore than 70 scholarships and awards were presented May 7 during the Senior Honors Banquet. While you can browse the full list of awards, above are a few examples of the scholarships that were presented. Top left: Dr. Haileigh Avellar (left) presents the Douglas Hoppas Memorial Award to Dr. Halle Kloefkorn. Middle: Dr. Jessica Deyoe accepts the Dr. R.R. and Karen Domer Award from Dr. Shaun Huser. Top right: The Veterinary Cancer Society Student Award - Bob Rosenthal Senior Student Award goes to Dr. Shannon O’Day as presented by Dr. Chieko Azuma.

Bottom: The Dr. Wayne and Druecillia Burch Memorial Award is awarded to 10 students with a professional goal of entering some phase of veterinary medicine dealing with Food Animal Production Medicine. Front row: Drs. Halle Kloefkorn, Samantha Leach, Matt Miesner (presenter), Hanna Westermier, Baxter Black and Katie Stenger. Back row: Drs. Conrad Schelkopf, Katelyn Fox, Lilli Heinen, Allison Wieler and Grant Pimple.

Drs. Emily Klocke and McArthur Hafen

Two annual faculty awards were also presented during the banquet. Dr. Emily Klocke, clinical professor in small animal surgery, was selected as the recipient of the 2024 Zoetis Distinguished Veterinary Teaching Award. The Dr. William and Deanna Pritchard Veterinary Service and Outreach Award goes to Dr. McArthur Hafen, clinical professor and director of counseling services in the veterinary college. They are joined above by Hodes Family Dean Dr. Bonnie Rush, and associate dean Drs. James Roush and Elizabeth Davis. Dr. Hafen was unable to attend, so his image is from a different event.

Community Outreach treks to the Santee Sioux Reservation in northern Nebraska

Santee reservation outreachThis spring, the K-State Community Outreach made a return trip to the Santee Sioux Reservation in Knox County. In Santee, there are a number of community dogs that don't have one owner, but are cared for by various people. There are also a number of horses on the reservation too, so this is an excellent opportunity for our volunteer team to provide several different wellness services including spay/neuter and dentistry services at this semi-annual event. Above are photos highlighting the trip as provided by third-year student Elizabeth Scarbrough. Since the trip was made during the semester, each of the fourth-year students became graduates and the other students have advanced to the next year in their DVM studies.

Top photo, back row from left: Deon LaPointe; Dr. Brandon Kliewer; Dr. Naomi Hampton; Dr. Ron Orchard; Weston Ahles, second year; Lyndsay Hardy second year; Dr. Gabrielle Lammons; Dr. Claire (Lydia) Taylor; Dr. Martha Elmore; Aaron Blevins; Dr. Chris Blevins; and Dr. Sara Miner. Middle row: Emmanuel Jeje; Melissa Dalton; Logan Linenberger; Cassidy Moreau; Loretta Lacy fourth year; Alex Rivas, fourth year; and Suzanne Wageman. Front: Elizabeth Scarbrough third-year, Olive Blevins, Ashley Kragelund, third-year; Dr. Nicole Graham; Dr. Grace Wilson; Dr. Alex Jahns; Dr. Melissa Dorner; Dr. Zara Martinez; and Brooke Groetken.

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