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College of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Medical Library

Student Services

An orientation tour is given to all incoming first year veterinary students in the fall. The tour is available for all students on an as needed basis. Due to the generosity of donors, the library has several leather recliners for patrons to study, sleep, or just relax in. There are also timers available for checkout to ensure you return to your class, lab, office, or meeting on time.

Retrieval service

As your time during the semester can be limited, we offer a retrieval service for items located at Hale Library or one of the other branch libraries. This process can take 1-2 days so be sure to give us plenty of time.

Food and drink policy

We try to make the library a relaxed place to visit. To assist with this we do have a friendly food and drink policy. Food that is healthy for you is probably healthy for library materials, for example, food that leaves no residual marks (granola/cereal bars) is preferred over those that leave their calling cards on your fingers (salty chips or cheese curls). Drinks in spillproof containers are preferred. Visit with the staff at the Information Desk for more information or assistance during your library visit.

You may not realize it - but you are the reason we are here. Take advantage of the resources and knowledge we have to offer. (PS: We don't wear our hair in buns or wear sensible shoes ... well not all the time anyway!)