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College of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Medical Library

Faculty Services

8 a.m.-5 p.m.


Assist CVM faculty by customizing a variety of library services to support scholarly activities.


A number of library services and options are available for CVM faculty to obtain needed information in an efficient and timely manner. Use our expertise and experience to customize library services to fit your needs and save you time.

Database Searching
  • Customized searching: our experience in designing efficient search strategies, refining terminology and selecting appropriate databases is available to you. Whether you run your own searches or we run them for you, we can work with the completed search to obtain the articles you need.
  • K-State Databases list
Time line
  • Regular requests: Done in the order received.
    Please allow an appropriate amount of time.
  • Rush requests: Considered, depending on time constraints.
Other VML Services
  • Citation Verification - we can verify single citations or an entire bibliography.
  • CVM Faculty Archives Collection
  • Delivery and pickup of library materials.
  • Retrieval of materials from Hale Library or branch libraries.
  • Ordering books for departmental purchase.

We value your right to privacy and we will make every effort to keep your request confidential.