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College of Veterinary Medicine

 Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology


Michael Apley  - DVM, PhD, DACVCP, Professor of Production Medicine/Clinical Pharmacology

Jianfa Bai -  MS, PhD, Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology

Frank Blecha - MS, PhD, University Distinguished Professor of Immunology, Associate Dean for Research

Natalia Cernicchiaro -  DVM, MSc, PhD, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology

Kyeong-OK Chang -  DVM, MS, PhD, Associate Professor of Virology

Alfonso Clavijo - DVM, PhD, Professor of Virology

A. Sally Davis -  DVM,BA, PhD, Assistant Professor of Pathology

Steve Dritz -  DVM, PhD, Professor of Swine Nutrition/Medicine

Michael Dryden - DVM, BS, MS,PhD, University Distinguished Professor of Parasitology

Bonto Faburay -   DVM, PhD, Research Assistant Professor of Virology

Ying Fang -  MS, PhD, Associate Professor of Virology

Roman  Ganta - BS, MS, PhD, Professor and Director, Center of Excellence of Vector-Borne Diseases

Natasha Gaudreault - Phd, Research Assistant of Virology

Philip Hardwidge -  BS, PhD, Associate Professor of Microbiology

Benjamin Hause -  BA, MS, PhD, Research Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology

Jamie Henningson -  DVM, BS, PhD,DACVP, Assistant Professor of Pathology

Richard Hesse -  BS, MS, PhD, Professor and Director of Diagnostic Virology 

Justin Kastner - MSc, PhD, PGDip,  Associate Professor of Food Safety & Security

Yunjeong Kim - DVM, PhD, DACVM, Research Assistant Professor of Virology

Robert Larson  - DVM, PhD, DACT, DACVPM,  Professor of Production Animal Medicine

Wenjun Ma - BVSc, MVSc, PhD,  Assistant Professor of Virology

 Jodi  McGill  - BS, MS, PhD,  Assistant Professor of Immunology

Susan Moore - MS, PhD, Assistant Professor of Diagnostic, Viology

Derek Mosier - DVM, PhD, DACVM, Professor of Pathology

Lina Mur - DVM, MSc, PhD, Research Assistant Professor of Epidemiology

T.G. Nagaraja -  BVSc, MVSc, PhD, University Distinguished Professor of Microbiology

Sanjeev Narayanan -  BVSc, MS, PhD, DACVM, DACVP, Associate Professor of Pathology/Microbiology

Megan Niederwerder -DVM, PhD, Assistant Professor of Virology

Thu Annelise Nguyen -  BS, PhD, MBA, Associate Professor of Toxicology

Lisa Pohlman -   DVM, MS, DACVP, Associate Professor Director of Clinical Pathology

Ram Raghavan -  BSc, PGDip, MS, PhD, Assistant Professor of GIS/ Spatial Epidemiology

David Renter - BS, DVM, PhD,  Professor of Epidemiology Director/Center for Outcomes and Research and Education

Juergen Richt -  DVM, PhD, Regents Distinguished Professor of Virology & KBA Eminent Scholar

Raymond R. Rowland -  BA, MA, PhD, Professor of Virology

Mike Sanderson - DVM, MS, DACVPM, Professor of Epidemiology

Daniel Thomson -  DVM,  MS, PhD, Jones Professor of Production Medicine and Epidemiology

Deon van der Merwe - BSc,BVSc, MSc, PhD, Associate Professor of Toxicology

Dana Vanlandingham -  BS, MS, PhD, Assistant Professor of Virology

Victoriya Volkova - DVM, PhD, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology

Brad White -  DVM, MS, Associate Professor of Production Animal Medicine

Melinda Wilkerson -  DVM, MS, PhD, DACVP, Professor of Clinical Pathology/Immunology

Weiping Zhang -  MSc, PhD, Associate Professor of Microbiology