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College of Veterinary Medicine

Mentors and Projects

Dr. Raghu AmachawadiAssistant Prof of Food Animal Therapeuticsagraghav@vet.k-state.eduMitigation strategies towards controlling antimicrobial resistance in swine production system.
Dr. Chieko AzumaClinical Associate Prof of Radiation Oncologychieko@vet.k-state.eduPain assessment and activity tracking in dogs undergoing radiation therapy.
Dr. Natalia CernicchiaroAssistant Prof of Epidemiologyncernic@vet.k-state.edu1. Statistical analysis of clinical research projects.
2. Effectiveness of feed additives in reducing lymph node Salmonella carriage in cattle.
Dr. Kyeong-Ok ChangProfessor of Virologykchang@vet.k-state.eduVirus entry events through endosomes.
Dr. Robert DeLongAssociate Prof of Physiologyrobertdelong@vet.k-state.edu 1. Genomics RNA pattern analysis for comparative oncolgy validation.
2. Biophysical interactions of anticancer peptide nanoparticles.
Dr. Charan GantaAssistant Prof of Pathologyckganta@vet.k-state.eduDevelopment and translation of thermal ablation technologies cancer  treatment: histopathology assessment of thermally ablated tissue.
Dr. Brian GeisbrechtProfessor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysicsgeisbrechtb@ksu.eduStudies on the Host Selectivity of the Staphylococcal Innate Immune Evasion Protein, SPIN.
Dr. Brian HerrinAssistant Prof of Parisitologybhh@vet.k-state.eduNational Equine Tick Survey: Pathogen Testing.
Dr. Maria JuganAssistant Prof of Small Animal Medicinemjugan@vet.K-state.eduGlucagon-like peptide 2 concentrations in the blood of healthy cats. 
Dr. Kimberly KirkpatrickUniversity Distinquished Prof of Psychological Scienceskirkpatr@ksu.eduEffects of DREADDs manipulation of pre-limbic cortex on time-based interventions to promote self-control in rats. 
Dr. Berlin Londono-RenteriaAssistant Prof in Entomologyblondono@ksu.eduHuman Natural Hybrid Bispecific Antibody role in Antibody Dependent enhancement of Zika Infection
Dr. Jessica MeekinsAssociate Prof of Ophthalmologyjslack@vet.k-state.eduEffects of gabapentin on ocular parameters in healthy cats after oral administration. 
Dr. Waithaka MwangiProfessor in Diagnostic Medicine and Pathobiologywmwangi@vet.k-state.eduSafety and tolerability of African Swine Fever Virus subunit vaccine candidates in commercial pigs.
Dr. Kathryn ReifAssistant Prof in Diagnostic Medicine and Pathobiologykreif@vet.k-state.eduDetection and evaluation of immunodominant Cytauxzoon felis antigens for use as a diagnostic target to identify C. felis carrier cats.
Dr. Juergen RichtProfessor of Virologyjricht@k-state.eduIdentification of host genes involved in swine influenza replication.
Dr. Stephanie ShamesAssistant Prof in Biologysshames@ksu.eduRole of the effector VpdC in Legionella pneumophila pathogenesis in a mouse model of infection.
Dr. Kris SilverResearch Assistant Prof of Entomologyksilver@ksu.eduEnhancing RNA interference efficiency in the mosquito vector, Aedes albopictus
Dr. Nora SpringerAssistant Prof of Clinical Pathologynlspring@vet.k-state.eduMorphometric parameters to differentiate metastatic versus tissue-resident canine mast cells in lymph node, liver, and spleen cytology preparations. 
Dr. Abbie ViscardiAssistant Prof in Behavior Physiologyaviscardi@vet.k-state.eduThe use of firocoxib, administered to the sow and delivered transmammary to her piglets, to relieve pain associated with surgical castration and tail docking.
Dr. Mark WeissProfessor in Anatomy & Physiologymlweiss@ksu.eduTesting the effects of serine proteases on stem cells.
Dr. Zhilong YangAssistant Prof in Biologyzyang@ksu.eduPoxvirus replication and host interactions.