Veterinary students who are interested in participating in this mentored summer research program are encouraged to apply. This program is competitive, and to be eligible for consideration, students must:

  1. Have completed at least 1 year of the DVM curriculum at Kansas State University or another College of Veterinary Medicine
  2. Be in the top of their class academically
  3. Demonstrate a sincere interest in exploring and learning about research techniques and opportunities
  4. Provide excellent letters of recommendations
  5. No previous research experience is required

International veterinary scholars are eligible and encouraged to apply to the KSU Veterinary Research Scholars Program. We have had many successful international scholars in the past and welcome more in the future! Eligibility requires that a scholar’s schedule aligns approximately with the Kansas State’s VRSP summer schedule. Interested international scholars should contact Dr. Kate KuKanich if they have questions about the application or for more information about the program.

How to get started...

  1. Come to our luncheon in October to learn about the program in general.
  2. Think about your interests, what types of research interest you, what questions you might have?
  3. View the faculty mentor and research interest page to see the various types of research being done at KSU.
  4. Contact possible mentors in your area of interest and meet to determine if you are a good match and to discuss possible project ideas.
  5. Come to our luncheon in January to “meet and greet” with many mentors and learn about their research and labs.
  6. View the application to see what is required.