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Center for Outcomes Research and Epidemiology

309 Coles Hall
1620 Denison Ave.
Manhattan, KS 66506

The Center for Outcomes Research and Epidemiology (CORE) at Kansas State University is an interdisciplinary research and training center focused on the application of outcomes research and epidemiology for the benefit of animal and human populations.

Our collaborative team excels in population-based and quantitative approaches that enable us to provide decision-makers with valid information based on sound science and data. Our research and training programs capitalize on our expertise in epidemiology, economics, research design and implementation, data analysis and interpretation, veterinary medicine, animal agriculture, and population health management. We promote excellence in experimental, observational, and research synthesis methods, and strive to enable evidence-based and data-driven decisions.

We provide leadership, collaboration, training and services on a variety of initiatives with internal and external partners from government, industry and academic sectors.

We provide expertise in multiple areas, including:

  • Statistical analysis and reporting of observational and experimental data
  • Risk assessment and infectious disease modeling
  • Economic and value-based analyses
  • Comparative clinical and cost effectiveness of interventions
  • Systematic reviews +/- meta-analysis
  • Design and implementation of population-based research
  • Management and coordination of data collection
  • Other applied research and modeling approaches

We also deliver a variety of education and training opportunities, including:

  • Formal academic degree, certificate, and fellowship programs
  • Customized continuing education opportunities for external partners
  • Short-courses delivered online, off-site, or on campus
  • Presentations, workshops, and other training to small or large groups