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College of Veterinary Medicine


Jishu Shi

PhD, Immunophysiology, Kansas State University, 1995
MS, Veterinary Immunology, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 1988
DVM, Beijing Agricultural University, 1985

Phone (785) 532-4506
e-mail: jshi@vet.k-state.edu

Research Interests:

The Laboratory of Vaccine Immunology develops vaccine adjuvants and novel diagnostic assays and vaccines for swine infectious diseases.  We focus our research on classical swine fever (CSF), African swine fever (ASF), porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS), porcine pseudorabies (PPV), porcine circovirus (PCV), and other emerging viral diseases of swine.

Selected Publications (1994-2018)

Laughlin, R., R. Madera, Y. Peres, B. Berquist, L. Wang, S. Buist, Y. Burakova, S. Palle, C. Chung, M. Rasmussen, E. Martel, D. Brake, J. Neilan, S. Lawhon, L. Adams, J. Shi*, and S. Marcel*. 2018. Plant-made E2 glycoprotein single-dose vaccine protects pigs against classical swine fever. Plant Biotechnology Journal 2018:1-11.

Wang, L., R. Madera, Y. Burakova, S. Buist, Y. Sang, J. Nietfeld, J. Henningson, W. Gong, C. Tu, and J. Shi. 2018. Construction of recombinant porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus  expressing CSFV E2 glycoprotein. International Journal of Vaccine Research. 3(1):1-4.

Madera R, Wang L, Gong W, Burakova Y, Buist S, Nietfeld J, Henningson J, Cino-Ozuna A, Tu C, and J. Shi. 2018. Towards the development of a one-dose classical swine fever subunit vaccine: antigen titration, onset and duration of immunity. Journal of Veterinary Science. 19(3):393-405.

Wang, L., and J. Shi. 2018. PRRSV Vaccine: Challenges and Prospective. International Journal of Vaccines and Immune System. 3(1): 01-05.

Burakova Y., R. Madera, J. Schlup, and J. Shi. 2017. Adjuvants for animal vaccines. Viral Immunology PMID: 28618246, DOI: 10.1089/vim.2017.0049

Li X., A. Galliher-Beckley, L. Wang, J. Nietfeld, W. Feng, and J. Shi. 2017. Comparison of immune responses of Chinese highly pathogenic PRRS virus strain HV and North American PRRS virus strain NADC-20 in pigs. The Open Virology Journal. 2017, 11:73-82.

Zhang, B., S. Mi, F. Bao, H. Guo, C. Tu, J. Shi, and W. Gong.  2017. Complete genome sequence of a sub-subgenotype 2.1i isolate of classical swine fever virus from China. GenomeA 2017: 00127-17.

Gong, W., J. Jia, B. Zhang, S. Mi, L. Zhang, X. Xie, H. Guo, J. Shi* and C. Tu.*  2017. Serum Metabolomic profiling of piglets infected with virulent classical swine fever virus.  Frontiers in Microbiology. 2017 (8) 00731.

Burakova Y., J. Shi*, and J. Schlup *. 2017. Impact of oil composition on formation and stability of emulsions produced by spontaneous emulsification. Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology. 38(12): 1749-1754.

Wang, L. and J. Shi. 2016. Sequencing for Surveillance of Emerging Infectious Diseases: from Laboratory to Field. Infectious Diseases and Translational Medicine 2(1):1-2.