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College of Veterinary Medicine

Required Prerequisite Coursework

The following required pre-requisite courses can be completed at Kansas State University or at another accredited college or university, and serve as minimum preparation for the professional program and curriculum:

 Required Pre-requisite Course Credit Hours
 Chemistry I 4
 Chemistry II 4
 General Organic Chemistry with Lab 5
 General Biochemistry 3
 Physics I 4
 Physics II 4
 Principles of Biology or Zoology 4
 Microbiology with Lab 4
 Genetics 3
 Expository Writing I 3
 Expository Writing II 3
 Public Speaking 2
 Social Sciences and/or Humanities 12
 Electives 9
 Total 64

All required science courses (the 35 credit hours’ worth of chemistry, physics, biology, organic chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, and genetics) must have been taken within six (6) years of the date in which the prospective applicant would enroll in the professional program. 

All required pre-requisite courses must be graded. 

In order to convent quarter hours into semester hours, please see our Conversion Chart.

Course substitutions must be petitioned in writing to the Admissions Committee by way of the Assistant Dean for Admissions in the College of Veterinary Medicine. 

In order to be eligible for an interview and admission to the program, applicants must complete the required pre-requisite courses with a minimum of 2.800 grade point average (on a 4.0 scale) at an accredited college or university, and a minimum 2.800 grade point average in the last 45 semester hours of undergraduate college work. The last 45 hours of undergraduate college work are self-reported on the VMCAS application. Any grade less than a “C” in a required course is not accepted. Any grade of an “F” in any course cannot be accepted. 

Only those individuals who can complete the required 64 semester hours of required pre-requisite courses by the end of the Spring term of the year in which they are seeking admission will be considered to the professional program.