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College of Veterinary Medicine


On-campus housing

On-Campus housing is available through the Department of Housing and Dining Services, or you can choose to take advantage of the wide variety of properties available for rent or sale in the Manhattan area.

Off-campus housing

As a K-State student, you have access to the free services provided by the office of Off-Campus Housing Support. Off-Campus Housing Support provides information about the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords to Kansas State University students. Common issues include maintenance, security deposits, lease reviews, and more. If you have questions about these or other off-campus housing issues, make an appointment to meet with the director.

CVM housing classifieds

PLEASE NOTE:  Only posting requests from a valid K-State or CVM email address will be accepted. 

This information is provided to help aid you in your search for living arrangements during your time at Kansas State University. Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine is not promoting any facility, but merely making you aware of available options.  Prices are subject to change. The individual facility should be contacted for current pricing.

KSU CVM provides these classifieds as a service, and assumes no responsibility for any living arrangements made through the information presented here.

To add a listing to the CVM housing classifieds, please fill out the form HERE.

To make changes to existing ads or to have existing ads deleted, please email webupdate@vet.ksu.edu.  Ads will be deleted after 60 days.