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College of Veterinary Medicine

Transfer Application

To be considered for transfer you must send us the following:

  1. Letter stating why you wish to transfer to Kansas State University
  2. copies of transcripts for all of your college work (need not be official transcripts)
  3. current resume
  4. letter from your current dean stating that you have not had any disciplinary nor academic problems
  5. three letters of reference - one must be from a veterinarian
  6. application fee (check for $50 USD made out to College of Veterinary Medicine)

We do not have a formal application form. Your transfer request file will be composed of the above listed information.

We consider transfer requests after the end of each semester to fill openings for the next semester. We accept transfer students into our preclinical semesters (semesters 2 through 6). Interviews are required of all transfer applicants.

Depending on the number of courses completed and our specific openings, admitted applicants may or may not have to repeat some courses.

Please send all transfer application materials and questions to:

Assistant Dean of Admissions
College of Veterinary Medicine
103 Trotter Hall
1710 Denison Ave
Kansas State University
Manhattan, Kansas 66506

785-532-4850 fax