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College of Veterinary Medicine


There exist two categories for membership of The Society of Phi Zeta; 1. Active membership, and 2. Honorary membership.

Those eligible for active membership of the Society of Phi Zeta include; 1. Students in the final two years of the professional DVM curriculum who are of acceptable personality, good moral character, possess high ideals with respect to professional service and conduct, and have achieved a scholastic ranking in the highest 10% of their third year class or highest 25% of their fourth year class, 2. Graduate students in the College of Veterinary Medicine who have completed at least twenty semester (thirty quarter) hours of graduate credit or have successfully passed their preliminary examinations, 3. Residents and Interns in the College of Veterinary Medicine who have been engaged in their training program for a minimum of two years, 4. Board certified veterinary specialists in the College of Veterinary Medicine, and 5.  Veterinarians who have two or more years on the faculty of the College of Veterinary Medicine or work within commuting distance of the College of Veterinary Medicine and are actively involved in veterinary research or service.

Those eligible for honorary membership include; 1. Distinguished veterinarians in possession of their veterinary medical degrees for at least five years and who have rendered notable service to their profession, and 2. Persons not in possession of the veterinary medical degree, who have rendered distinguished service in the advancement of the science relating to the animal industry and particularly animal welfare and diseases.

We congratulate those inducted to the Sigma Chapter of the Society of Phi Zeta in 2020.

Class of 2021

  • Abby Ostronic
  • Kathryn Ryan
  • Bailey Wright
  • Ashley Russo
  • Sydni Schaper (Schmidt)
  • Danielle Goering
  • Jared Heiman
  • Meghan Lancaster
  • Carson Campbell
  • Emily Davis
  • Brianne Bower
  • Ashley Broxterman (Joseph)
  • Emily Mitchell
  • Jacqueline Hansen
  • Alexis Sutter
  • Anna Richard
  • Hao Shi
  • Keith Lewy
  • Brianna Parenti (Yates)
  • Conor Williams
  • Amber Srohbehn
  • Savannah Luu
  • Camille Pizarro
  • Isabelle Soga (Gordon)
  • Dean Baraso
  • Michelle Voegeli

Class of 2022

  • Lacey Buckwalter
  • Samantha Butrico
  • Daria Hagan
  • Colton Hull
  • Alyssa Lee (Greene)
  • Morgan Lewis
  • Jessica McCall
  • Julia Osipova
  • William Patterson
  • Brandon Verkinderen
  • Matthew Stokes


House Officers:



  • Matt Basel