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College of Veterinary Medicine

Manuscript Competition

Call for Submissions for the Society of Phi Zeta National Manuscript Competition

Submission Deadline:  Monday, January 22, 2021

Each year, the Society of of Phi Zeta Sigma Chapter solicits papers for consideration in the national Phi Zeta research awards competition. Two genres of prestige and monetary awards are given; one recognizing an outstanding basic science manuscript, and one recognizing an outstanding clinical/applied science manuscript.

K-State's Sigma Chapter of the Phi Zeta Society has the opportunity to nominate one paper for each category. To be considered eligible for these awards, the nominated paper(s) must have been previously (albeit recently) published, or accepted for publication, with the bulk of the work having been done within the past two years. Authors do not have to be members of Phi Zeta to have their paper considered for these awards, but they must be a veterinarian who is currently engaged in a graduate or residency training program, or who has completed said program within the preceding two years.

To submit a paper to K-State's Phi Zeta Research Committee for consideration for these awards, please forward the most current version of the paper, as well as a copy of the letter of acceptance, to Gail Eyestone at geyestone@vet.k-state.edu  by January 22, 2020.