Graduate Student Association

Officers Photo 2022
Front row from left: Alyssa Deters, William Johnson, Amin Ahmadisharaf; back row: Tate Ackerman, Dr. Frank Blecha (advisor), Maria Lou; Not Pictured: Mikaela Weeder.

The Graduate Student Association seeks to provide learning, mentoring, and relationship building opportunities for graduate students in the College of Veterinary Medicine. If you are a graduate student in the College of Veterinary Medicine please join our organization to take advantage of these opportunities.

Executive Committee:

President- Alyssa Deters (

Vice President- William Johnson (

Secretary- Mikaela Weeder (

Treasurer- Amin Ahmadisharaf (

Ramona Weber- Maria Lou (

Veterinary Student Liaison-Tate Ackerman (

Kiana Schulze- Kinesiology Student Liaison (