Association of Bovine Practitioners

The KSU Student Chapter of the Association of Bovine Practitioners is made up of veterinary students with a special interest in beef and dairy practice. The chapter boasts one of the largest memberships of the veterinary special interests groups. Many members have roots deep in beef or dairy production while others have had very limited exposure to cattle and want to increase their large animal experience in preparation for senior clinics.

The KSU-AABP extends a sincere invitation to all students in the College of Veterinary Medicine with an interest in bovine practice to join our organization. The club currently meets each second Monday at 6:30pm in Trotter 201.

Advisors to the KSU American Association of Bovine Practitioners

Dan Thomson
Gregg Hanzlicek

Executive Officers

President Sydney Bigger 2022
Vice President Tyler Blackwood 2022
Secretary Audra Jones 2022
Treasurer Haley Bartlett 2022
Historian Dani DePriest 2021
Fundraising Chairpersons Abraham Padilla 2022
Leah Metzger 2022
Wetlab Coordinator Taylor Storhoff 2021
Keri Moy 2022