Research and Graduate Programs

Graduate study at the Kansas State University of College of Veterinary Medicine prepares trainees to become veterinarian-scientists engaged in basic, applied or clinical research in academic, government or industrial settings.

Graduate Programs

K-State CVM graduate programs include Master in Veterinary Biomedical Sciences, Master of Public Health, and doctoral programs in Anatomy & Physiology or Pathobiology. Find more information at:

Veterinary students may earn dual degrees using a number of different strategies. Support is available to dual degree students enrolled in the concurrent DVM/PhD program, with information online at Veterinary students who have questions about research career opportunities can make an appointment with Dr. T.G. Nagaraja, director of Graduate Programs.

Research Opportunities for Veterinary Students

Research opportunities are available to interested veterinary students through the K-State CVM Veterinary Research Scholars Program, which offers a summer mentored-research experience. The program consists of research experience in faculty laboratories, weekly journal clubs and workshops, and field trips to industrial settings where veterinarians are engaged in research-related activities. Veterinary students are selected on the basis of their academic credentials and research motivation. More information about the Veterinary Research Scholars Program is available at

Other veterinary colleges and institutes are also eager to attract KSU students to their summer programs and research externships. Information for other institutions can be found at