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College of Veterinary Medicine

Graduate Student Travel Awards

Please Note: No funds are availablefor this academic year

 The Office of the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate programs will award funds on a competitive basis for the purpose of supporting graduate student travel to scientific meetings or other appropriate scholarly activities. The Dean's Office believes that such travel opportunities are essential for the scientific growth and development of students.

Travel funds will be awarded twice each year

The fall travel award application deadline is December 2 for any travel that will occur between January 1 and June 30 of the next calendar year (the following spring semester). The spring travel award application deadline is April 30 for any travel that will occur between July 1 and December 30 of that calendar year (the following fall semester). In order to be compensated for travel during any one travel period, an application must be submitted before 5:00 pm on the date listed for the appropriate period or on the next business day when the deadline falls on a weekend. Students traveling over an interval of time that falls within two travel periods should apply for the travel period of the travel begin date.

Applications for travel awards should include the following information
  • Your name
  • year in graduate school at K-State CVM
  • expected graduation date
  • list of your publications (published and submitted only) and previous presentations
  • research advisor's name
  • your email address
  • your office/lab phone and room numbers
  • type of scholarly activity for which support is requested (name of meeting, location, etc.)
  • the nature of your involvement at this activity (if presenting a poster or giving a talk, please attach abstract).
  • If your abstract has been submitted but not reviewed at the time of application, please indicate this so that a conditional award can be considered.
  • If the meeting is not commonly known (examples of common meetings might include Society of Neuroscience, Conference of Research Workers in Animal Disease, Experimental Biology, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Gordon Research Conferences, etc...) please describe the format of the meeting in one paragraph (number of participants, talks running in parallel or serial, and anything else that is unique about the meeting).
  • If the activity or meeting organizers provide travel grant opportunities for graduate students, please indicate if you plan to apply for these funds. Indicate if your department or research advisor will be contributing to your travel cost for this meeting, and if so to what extent (be sure to discuss this first with your advisor! He/She is expected to provide a letter of commitment along with the application).
  • Provide an estimated budget for your trip, including: airfare, lodging, meals, registration, and other anticipated costs (indicate source of your budget information).
  • Explain what you have done to minimize the cost (sharing a room, staying over Saturday night to obtain reduced airfare, etc.).
  • In one paragraph explain how this meeting will impact your graduate student experience at the K-State CVM.
  • Indicate the amount of your request. Awards will typically range between $400-$500, but all requests will be considered.
Apply for the travel award


Awards will be made based on the following criteria:

The meeting's ability to enhance the graduate student experience — this will include issues such as the size of the meeting, the extent to which students will be in contact with other students, faculty, industry representatives, and so forth; extent of participation in the meeting (poster, oral presentation, etc.); extent of matching funds from the meeting organizers, research advisor, or other sources; number of previous K-State CVM travel grants awarded.