Concurrent DVM Certificate Programs

Certificates provide an opportunity for currently enrolled DVM students to receive additional credentialing at graduation. Certificate programs include a set number of core and elective courses, demonstrated competence in clinical skills, and additional co-curricular experiences in specific professional areas. Click here to sign up for a program.


Veterinary Medicine Sustainability Certificate

The Veterinary Medicine Sustainability Certificate program will encompass a wide breadth of topics covering three pillars of sustainability (Environmental, Social, and Economic) and provide experiential learning opportunities. Students will gain knowledge in the economic aspects of veterinary practice management, including basic business management skills. The program also provides students with a broad understanding of the environmental pillar, covering topics such as the environmental impacts of food animal production, emissions of anesthesia gases and waste disposal.


Food Animal Veterinary Certificate

The Food Animal Veterinary Certificate (FAVC) will prepare DVM students for long-term success in food animal veterinary practice by incorporating skills in varied areas including animal health, production medicine, practice management, and client communications which go beyond the content of the core DVM curriculum. Graduates will become part of a veterinary workforce capable of meeting the needs of livestock producers in a sustainable practice environment.


Shelter Medicine Veterinary Certificate

The Shelter Medicine Veterinary Certificate (SMVC) program is offered for current Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) students. The goal of the SMVC is to prepare DVM students for long term success in the field of shelter medicine by incorporating skills that include shelter animal care, shelter animal behavior and well-being, high-quality high-volume sterilization surgery and shelter management consultation. Attaining this certificate will provide DVM graduates with a well-rounded foundation for a career in Shelter Medicine.


Exotic Animal/Zoological Medicine Veterinary Certificate

The Exotic Animal/Zoological Medicine Veterinary Certificate (EAZMVC) program is for current Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) students at Kansas State University. The goal of the EAZMVC is to prepare DVM students for long term success in the field of exotic animal and zoological (which, for this document, includes wildlife) medicine by incorporating skills of varied areas and the ability to adapt a student’s knowledge and experience to a broad-range of species.


Equine Veterinary Practice Certificate

The Equine Veterinary Practice Certificate (EVPC) program is tailored for current Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) students, aiming to equip them with the essential skills needed to excel as equine practitioners. This program seeks to bolster students' confidence and expertise in the field. Designed to enhance technical skills, knowledge base, and communication abilities, the EVPC offers a comprehensive foundation for a successful career in equine veterinary practice from the moment students graduate. Our primary mission is to provide robust training opportunities for veterinary students who have a keen interest in pursuing a career in equine veterinary practice.

Note: Enrollment starting Fall 2024