Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology

Graduate Programs

The Graduate Programs, managed by the Graduate Faculty in the department, are interdepartmental and interdisciplinary programs with a mission to provide a broad based graduate education to students seeking MS or PhD degree in the areas of infectious and non-infectious diseases of animals, food safety, security, and policy, and production animal medicine and management. A unique aspect of the program is that it offers opportunities to DVM students to work concurrently on the doctoral program (DVM/PhD), which expands opportunities for students to pursue career options beyond traditional veterinary practice.

The department is comprised of large numbers of women and minority students, and represents a wide variety of ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. This diversity contributes to developing an understanding that is extraordinarily valuable to our graduates as they enter their respective careers in academia, pharmaceuticals, state or federal government service, or private clinical practice.


MS in Veterinary Biomedical Sciences

PhD in Pathobiology

Master of Public Health

Agricultural Biosecurity Research Graduate Certificate